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31845, Veg Soul 05
Posted by ya Setshego, Fri Oct-07-05 03:14 PM
this might be the last one in Jamaica, b/c they are planning on going to the Dominican Republic next year.

Health Retreat to Runaway Bay, Jamaica!

Nov 9-14, 2005

$950 includes hotel, meals, workshops, ground transportation & day trips
$200 deposit- limited space available

Registration info available @ 888-veg-soul, or info@vegsoul.com

Featuring Classes & Demonstrations by:

Aris Latham
Raw Food Master Chef

• SUNFIRE Live Food Workshops:
Learn to release your creative culinary energy! Feast on delectable tropical live food meals (and lessons) from the best live food chef in the world!

Dr. Sunyatta Amen
Naturopathic Physician, Syndicated Radio Host, Bellydance Instructor

Listen to BUSH MEDICINE HEALTH SHOW Thursdays 3-4pm EST .Click here www.wpfw.org

• Sexual Tai Chi:
Learn the ancient healing exercises for men and women through Sexual Taoist Yoga. Women will learn to use the Jade Egg as well. Men will do the Jade Dragon exercises.

• Belly Dance for Womb Healing:
Dance the ancient way! Bellydance helps to heal or avoid fibroids, hot flashes, PMS, cramps while getting that hourglass shape you desire.

• "World Beat" Beach Workout:
"Get your sweat on" with saucy belly dance, hula, reggae, salsa and samba.

Khepere Anu
Live Foodist, Professional Inventor, Yoga & Capoeira Angola Practitioner

• Yoga for Mind, Body and Soul:
Unwind your city stress and increase your flexibility all in one.

• Intro to Capoeira Angola (Afro-Brazilian martial art):
Capoeira Angola is an African based martial-art combining dance and music. The enslaved Africans in Brazil used Capoeira Angola as a form of revolution. This workshop will explore some basic movements of Capoeira Angola to help promote strength, conditioning, flexibility, and agility.

Dr. Kamau Kokayi, MD
Physician, Herbalist and Acupuncturist

• Hands on alternative medicine & acupuncture treaments:
A well respected, healer, Dr. Kokayi offers free consultations, diagnosis and treatments /recommendations on the VegSoul Retreats. He is very experienced in helping with many chronic conditions, ncluding weight management, low energy, reproductive health issues, arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, depression, and more.

Amensa Shep Teker
Qi Gong Instructor, Traditional Kemetic Priest

• Self Healing Massage:
The Self Healing massage is a set of exercises that address several issues with energy level, joint stiffness, poor circulation, headaches, eye problems, digestive issues, etc. Several massaging techniques are applied to areas of the body that correspond to the body’s major meridian systems, organs and nervous pathways. Using these techniques will result in increased focus, deeper sleep, clear mind, and restore youthful energy.

• Het Heru Qigong:
Het Heru Qigong is a Qigong that is specifically designed to release tension and restore power to the organs, brain, nervous system, especially female health issues. Qigong is based on the Ancient Taoist teachings of the great Bhoddhidharma (DaMo) who was responsible for bringing Qigong and medical techniques to China from Black India. Tree of Life Qigong encompasses Physical, Sound and Visual movements. Qigong, if practiced consistently can bring relief of most major illnesses that western science has not found effective ways of healing.
Qigong works on developing Mind- Qi Body-Jieng Spirit-Shen Harmonizing them into one body allows the devout practitioner to realize both spiritual and physical changes of astronomical proportions.

And other invited instructors covering:

• Holistic Relationships for Singles & Couples Workshops with Nana Kwabena Brown, M.A. and Iya-Mari

Nana Kwabena Brown is a traditional Akan priest who also holds graduate degrees from Antioch College and Howard University . Nana brings over thirty years of training and expertise working as a counselor. He and his wife Iya-Mari Brown are here to assist you with Couples and Singles workshops from a holistic view. You may be surprised at what you learn about yourself and/or your significant other.Nana is also avabilabe on the retreat for private counseling and traditional Akan readings about any life issues.

VegSoul Itinerary:


5:00 pm - MEET & GREET
7:00 pm - DINNER


8:00 am - QI GONG
9:00 am - BREAKFAST
1:00 pm - LUNCH
7:00 pm - DINNER


8:00 am - QI GONG
9:00 am - BREAKFAST
1:00 pm - LUNCH
7:00 pm - DINNER

Saturday (Coconut Water Fasting Day)

8:00 am - QI GONG

Sunday (Royal Feast Day)

8:00 am - QI GONG
9:00 am - BREAKFAST
1:00 pm - LUNCH


8:00 am - BREAKFAST

***This itinerary serves as a sample of our typical activites. Shifts in schdeule may be made to facilitate workshops, mealtimes, speical activities, etc.***
31846, RE: Veg Soul 05
Posted by BlakRenaissance, Fri Oct-07-05 04:00 PM
So I'm guessing you have been before...What's it like?
31847, looks like one of those people is in Ausar Auset Society International
Posted by Allah, Fri Oct-07-05 04:03 PM
the one doing the Qi Gong Tree of Life stuff.
31848, nah
Posted by ya Setshego, Fri Oct-07-05 04:49 PM
tryna go this time though. Dr. Sunyatta Amen is one BAAAAAAAAAAD Sistah. She has a holistic health radio show on Pacifica Radio(wpfw) on Thurs. @ 3p.m., called 'Bush Medicine'. Almost had me burning my bras for good, when she did the show on the science behind the health hazards(consequences) of wearing one, but "The Twins" said no, lest the pain we'll cause you during running and dancing ALONE, but I digress... And Aris La Tham is who the one originally inspired me to explore Live Foods Cuisine. I took one of his un-cooking classes for my b-day one year. I went home that summer, and made everything I learned in the class, and gave out samples to fam & friends in the neighborhood. Didn't win any fans, lemme tell you. LOL! But the way HE makes the food, is to die for. He used to have several live-foods delis in D.C. in the 90s, b-4 he relocated to Jamaica. They were expensive as h***, but worth every penny. He is the foremost live-foods chef in the world. Right now, he's in Europe, but he'll be back in Jamaica in time for the retreat.
31849, RE: nah
Posted by SebastianW, Sun Oct-09-05 12:39 PM
Looks wonderful, and yea that doctor is baaaad.
31850, RE: nah
Posted by BlakRenaissance, Mon Oct-10-05 09:47 AM
Yeah I've listened to Aris on a Mutabaruka interview. He has a couple interviews with him and also Queen Afua about Black Heath at www.mutabaruka.com and go to the (muta seh) part.
31851, Bras
Posted by ya Setshego, Fri Nov-18-05 02:09 PM
Dr. Amen convinced me. As much as possible, during my off-hours, I'm no longer wearing one. It's not necessary, and probably contributes 2 the chronic back pain that I've experienced 4 years. No need 2 have the 'nips' all out 2 say 'HELLO' @ wrk., but other than that, Y should I care? If people find them lewd, or suggestive, so be it.
31852, I'm going!!!!!!
Posted by ya Setshego, Wed Nov-02-05 12:41 PM
HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!I'm so excited!!!!!!!!
31853, Simply amazing.
Posted by ya Setshego, Thu Nov-10-05 11:05 AM
It's amazing down here. I'm sorry I have not been able 2 come earlier. My feet hurt from the 5a.m. nature walk this morning, which was seriously, uphill, BOTH WAYS. SERIOUSLY. Qi Gong was peace. lovin' this salt water Caribbean sea. 'Bout 2 go get in the pool. Live breakfast consisted of:
Jack Fruit, orange slice, papaya, pineapple, Coconut jelly, coconut H20, Spring H20, Noni(yucky, but very good 4 U), & raw Cane Juice. This Jamaica sun has apparently turned Aris La Tham's locs blondish grey, which is an interesting look. The Baltimore-folk had a twelve hour flight delay(F***in' Air Jamaica), so we arrived JUST as the nature walk was about 2 begin, and did it(bad idea). Tomm. I'm skipping out on that part, and joining in when it's time 4 the massage w/ live spring H20(Fire Water), in a local village.

The people R really friendly(cept 4 the customs people in the airport). The resort is located in an affluent Black neighborhood, so the homes look like hotels in and of themselves. Reminds me of some parts of Nairobi.

*I'm out*
31854, RE: Simply amazing.
Posted by BlakRenaissance, Thu Nov-10-05 11:28 AM
Please keep me posted on everything...I was thinking about maybe going after me and my fiance have our wedding feast.

P.S. How is the HERB??? :-)
31855, Well,
Posted by ya Setshego, Tue Nov-15-05 11:38 AM
I don't smoke, but U really don't need 2, cuz U pretty much can smell it in the air, everywhere U go. I was able 2 see & and inhale the essence of it growing in the wild, after the FireH20 massage. It smells REALLY good.

>P.S. How is the HERB??? :-)
31856, On travelling w/ s.o.s
Posted by ya Setshego, Wed Nov-23-05 01:42 PM
I HIGHLY recommend attending this retreat w/ your s.o., b/c between the Sexual Tai Chi class, the belly dancing, the live food, bathing in a natural hot tub(the mineral spring), and getting a mud bath, the sexual Energy 'in the air' is REAL high. Plus, it's hot as h***, which makes U not want 2 wear a lot of clothes ANYway. It was very much like what I would imagine a Bacchic feast 2 B, minus the wine. The "wine" was the yoni, & Coconut H20, which makes U high, but not in an intoxicated kind of way. The women w/o partners there (which was most of us) kept commenting on how helpful(4 lack of a better word) it would have been 2 have a partner present 2 practice the tai chi on. LOL! The irony of all of this was, the married couples' wives did not attend Sexual Tai Chi! I don't know WHAT they were thinking about. They REALLY missed out on a golden opportunity. Even Dr. Amen said after demonstrating all of the exercises: "Wow! I'm feeling hot now! Where's my husband?" LOL!

>>I was thinking about
>maybe going after me and my fiance have our wedding feast.
31857, Notes
Posted by ya Setshego, Tue Nov-15-05 02:53 PM
I intend to post the notes I took @ the Retreat, under the category of the workshop, for those of you who wanted to go, but were unable to. If you have any type of interest in this event though, I STRONGLY suggest that you start saving NOW for next year's retreat, which will be on the Island of Dominica. They have payment plans available, and are flexible w/ whatever your situation is, to help you do what you need to do, to be able to go. They are kind of like, Ministers of Health and Wellness, so their primary goal is to get people to go, and to take time out of their lives to fully focus on this important and potent information, then go back, and share the info. w/ family & friends.
31858, Sexual Tai Chi 1
Posted by ya Setshego, Tue Nov-15-05 05:05 PM
Recommended readings:

The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress: Secrets of the Female Taoist Masters-Hsi Lai
from www.taoofbooks.com
Body Bazaar-?
from www.bocirc.org
Book of the Penis-?
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex-
(is a yellow book)
Cultivating Female Sexual Energy-Mantak Chia
Tao of Sex-?
Tao of Love & Sex-?
Sexual Secrets: The Alchemy of Ecstasy-Nik Douglas & Penny Singler
Dress To Kill-Mr. & Mrs. Sydney Singer (shows correlation bet. wearing a bra, & breast cancer)
Intro. to Sexual Tai Chi Exercises
w/ Dr. Sunyatta Amen

Women's exercises

1. Kidney warming-Tai Chi massage:
The kidneys house fear, so this exercise entails warming the hands by rubbing them together, while focusing through the Third Eye on banishing all fear from any area of your life. After warming the hands, sit on the edge of the bed each morning, w/ the back straight, legs shoulder width apart, and the yoni(vagina) hanging just off the edge. Rub hands over lower back area(where the kidneys are housed), inwards, in circular motions. count 81 rubs. Start your day, invigorated w/ +Energy. Eliminate caffenated drinks and stress from your Life, as this depletes the adrenal glands, which sit atop the kidneys, as well as the kidneys, themselves. Drink 3/4 gallon of H20 a day, or 2.5 Liters. Belly-dancing massages the kidneys, along w/ other organs. Yin-Energy is ALL about H20. While doing belly-dancing, DON'T wear a bra, or wear something that the Twins just sit in. Breasts on the average weigh about 30 pounds, and it is misinformation that women w/ large breasts have back pain b/c of the size. It's b/c of the bra that is used to harness the breasts in, holding them against gravity. That pressure is spread out across the back, resulting in pain. Lower back pain tends to be Kidney problems.
2. Beautiful Mountain Yin-Uplifting and Firming w/ Breasts-Breast feed until child is 3years of age, b/c it decs. the mom's chance of getting breast & cervical cancer, in addition to the many health benefits for the child. Don't touch the nipples during sexual tai chi. The nipples are connected to the womb via hormonal release. The nipples, once stimualated start breast feeding, whether one has had a baby, or not. The uterus is tugged upwards during breast-feeding right after child birth, to aid in pulling the uterus back into shape.
If the breasts are sore during one's pd., take off the bra, b/c it's constricting to the breast during a time when the breast is most "juicy". The bra is the last vestige of the corset, historically.

3. Dakini Ovarian Breathing w/ Tongue placemt-Involves laying on the back, w/ your feet touching @ the soles, and your legs facing outward, creating a diamond-shape. Make a triangle w/ your fore-finger, and thumbs, and place the triangle upside down on your lower belly, about 1 " below the navel. Rub ovaries, which are located approximately @ the base corners of that triangle, by rotating the hands & fingers towards each other w/ a gentle rotating motion, 81 times. Afterwards, brush hands away from self, down thighs and creases in legs @ hips(inguinal canal), to push Energy down lymph nodes, and out the body(kind of like brushing lint off your pants).
4. Qi Mu-Toning the stomach muscles & Internal Organ massage-Yoni is Sanskrit for Sacred Space. In ancient cultures, it was believed that the vagina was a Sacred Entry portal to heaven. Lingum(the penis) is Sanskrit for Rod of Thunder.
The upper, middle, and lower abdominals should be strengthened while gently but firmly pushing the roof of the tongue against the back, middle, and front of the tongue respectively, while inhaling during the contraction, and exhaling during the muscle release. The tongue being pressed against the roof of the mouth is analogous to a plug going into a socket to turn on electricity in the body. It closes and completes an Energy circuit. On another note, if one lays on the right side, and pulls the belly in an out using the abs. w/in 10 mins. one will defecate. Is a great exercise to employ during constipation.
If lay on the left side of stomach, can relieve nausea, while exercising Conscious Breathing.
5. The Dakini Yoni(Vaginal Kung Fu)-Tightening, Toning & controlling the Yoni muscles-Like the abdominals, the yoni has three sections, and the tightening and releasing of the three sections should be done in conjunction with the abdominal muscles, and the tongue connected @ its related points. If you have not tried this before, and can't figure the lower, middle, and upper muscles of the yoni, just tighten everything all at once, inhale, count to nine, and exhale. As the muscles strengthen a bit, you should be able to differentiate bet. the three sections. These muscles are to be used during sexual intercourse to massage your partner's Lingum, at various organ pressure points, depending on what ailments he has, and also during childbirth. One has to strengthen them first though, and gain control over them. Another exercise is to squat over the toilet, every-other-time you go to urinate, and stop your urine, mid-stream. Some may know these exercises as Kegel exercises, but they are ancient practices, known in Kmt, and Asian culture, that far pre-date, and are more profound than what Kegel advocated. Squat everyday as a woman, when picking up objects, lifting, when defecating. Squatting is the position a woman should be in when she gives birth, but even a woman who is not looking to have birth in the future should exercise the muscles associated w/ these positions, to heighten the Feminine Essence, and awaken the Femininine Divine in Self. Specifically, when defecating, put one's feet on the edge of the toilet, or on a stool(like an Ashanti stool) in front of the toilet, to align the colon during elimination, creating long, solid stool, instead of broken pieces(which is unnatural).
31859, They probably meant the Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity
Posted by Allah, Tue Nov-15-05 05:27 PM
by Daniel Reid. It's very female centric :/
31860, RE: Men's Exercises
Posted by ya Setshego, Tue Nov-15-05 06:16 PM
w/ Khepre Anu & Radiant Living healing minister, Walter Beckley

Obviously, I cannot fill in the notes for this sheet, b/c I did not attend this lecture, which was for men:

1. Pubococcygeal Muscle Pull Ups-

2. Kidney 3-Tai Xi massage-

3. Testicle and Penis Breathing-

4. Kidney 2-Ying Spring Point (Rangu)

5. Dragon Breath with Microcosmic orbit: with using the 2 pumps-

6. Meditation techniques: Placing the mind in the Penis-

7. Heel lifts for the Kidney 1-Yong Quan massage-

8. Hands on!!!Urethra stretch and massage-

9. Horse stance on Kidney One for Kidneys, Spleen, Liver, Gall Bladder and Bladder-

10. Ba Gua Ki Kong(Qi Gong)-2 postures for muscle toning-

11. Turtle Ki Kong (Qi Gong) for a strong lower back-

12. Dragon Ki Kong (Qi Gong) for a strong heart-

13. Qi Ball Technique-

14. Power Lock w/ Prana Vayu breathing-

***More info. & recommended books & resources avail. @ www.VegSoul.com
31861, Art Hinson in NC
Posted by ya Setshego, Mon Nov-28-05 04:06 PM
Tao Secrets of Love-Mantak Chia $17.95
Tao of Sex, Health & Longevity-Reid $16.00
Healing Love Through the Tao-Mantak Chia $16.95

Dude carries these books in his Body Ecology store, 4 those of U who share a sincere interest in taking your sexual practices up a notch, 2 the ethereal realm, which Biggie referred 2 as "immaculate sex". His website address is: www.bodyecol.net.
# 336-273-7406
31862, Sexual Tai Chi 2
Posted by ya Setshego, Thu Nov-17-05 11:39 AM
6. Dakini Yoni-part 2-movement of the sections of the Yoni-Explained previously.
7. Combining Qi Nu & Dakini Yoni
8. Horse stance on Kidney 1 for Kidneys for Spleen, Liver,Gall Bladder and Bladder
9. Dakini Ovary warming and clearing massage-Push out after massaging ovaries 9x, by lightly brushing hands along legs, and over inguinal canal(creases @ hips, & top of legs). Note-ovulation occurs in 1 ovary, or the other, per month, NOT both. When massaging the ovaries, lie in the Bhagasana position(face up, soles of feet tog., w/ legs shaped like a diamond). This helps relieve issues in the inguinal canal(e.g. pain from wearing stockings, and tight pants) and also stress in the yoni realm. Bhag=yoni, in ancient Tibetan language.
10. Lioness Qi Qong for a strong heart-When looking through the 3rd eye, look @ things needing 2 B accomplished, removal of obstacles, inhale, and on exhale, stick tongue out, and roar like a Lioness.
11. Meditation technique: Placing the mind in the Yoni-The yoni includes the feminine essence, the female reproductive system, including the vagina, AND uterus. It is imp. 2 work out issues w/ your Man B4 SEX B/C one can damage another psychically, by having sex while feeling -Energy towards one's mate.
Sexual Tai Chi helps prevent incontinence later in life, & strengthens muscles that cause one 2 have 2 go 2 the bathroom frequently.

Sexual orgasms bring blood 2 the genital area, which keeps the yoni alive, and assists w/ childbirth.

12p.-3p. is the time period when ones Chi is strongest, to conceive, children as well as ideas. whatever thoughts one has during intimacy between these hours will come 2 pass. This is the equivalent 2 running around the block 2-3 times, in terms of Energy Level reached. Sex is not just for creating children, but for generating ideas, and creating strategies 2 achieve one's goals, by vibrating @ a higher Energy Level via Synergy w/ another.

Testicles R reflexive 2 all the organs of the body, which is why they R so sensitive.

The Pineal & adrenal glands correspond 2 the tip of the penis. The center of the head corresponds 2 the Heart. The ridges(Or brim of the hat-part of the head) of the Penis, correspond 2 the Lungs, which is why they resemble Lungs(according 2 Dr. Amen, anyway. I have 2 look again someday, 2 see if I can imagine this alleged resemblance 2 lungs myself).

Tip of penis is overstimulated via circumcision, so the penis is out-of-sync w/ the Yoni, b/c it has been forced 2 toughen up, like the skin on the arm, and other parts of the body that typically rub up against clothing. The tip of the penis embryologically corresponds 2 the clitoris, and should be protected via the foreskin, which should hold it, like a purse, or pouch. The tip is supposed 2 B sensitive, w/ a feminine aspect 2 it, that melds w/ the Yoni, upon Entry into its realm.

Circumcision is a blood-letting, to mimic the women's menstrual cycle. The original Jews cut a very small amount of skin off the male, until a Rabbi said he could not tell the Jews from the Gentiles, and insisted that more fore-skin be taken off, which inadvertantly killed his own people, b/c it was this very distinction that was used to differentiate the jews from the gentiles in order 2 send the Jews 2 gas-chambers during WWII.

Go 2 www.alyahs.com 4 moon pads, & organic cleaning products 4 the menstrual cycle.

Dr. Amen offers a womb women workshop approximately 1-3X a year, 2 help dispel myths & misconceptions women hold about our wombs, and menstruation.

***Contact Dr. Amen 4 more info. & resources @ www.VegSoul.com
31863, RE: Thanks alot sista...
Posted by BlakRenaissance, Thu Nov-17-05 06:03 PM
for us who couldnt make it. All of the things u mentioned (sex-chi workshops) were they on Saturday?

P.S. The Original Hebrews were not those people who went through the holocaust. They are JEW-"ish". The suffix explains itself...they are something likened to the ORIGINAL JEW (Yahudim). www.hebrewisraelites.org will give you the REAL. Shalom.
31864, Sexual Tai Chi
Posted by ya Setshego, Thu Nov-17-05 06:16 PM
was on Saturday, indeed. The Coconut H20 fasting day. We were all struggling b/c we had hiked @ Cranbrook Flower Forest (3 mis) in mud, and sludge. By the time we attended the Sexual Tai chi, we were "beat". I learned a lot about myself during that hike though. There were elders on the hike, the oldest was 80-years young. The Brothahs helped the elders, and Sistahs helped each other w/ the children (tying them to each other's back when it was nap-time, or they had just straight reached exhaustion). we were a Village. Literally. Even the tour guide helped out w/ the children, carrying the oldest one (3-years) on his shoulders on the way back. I wanted to give up SEVERAL times during the hike...it was hot as f***, we had just finished a challenging yoga class in the sun, mosquitoes were eating the h*** out of us, we were UM.....FASTING, so we needed 2 b resting, & close to a bathroom, so we had 2 just squat, behind a tree, or bamboo patch. If some Brothah saw your booty, oh well? If U had 2 go, U had 2 go. Period. The Village would not let me give up, and when I slipped, and was about 2 fall, a Brothah was RIGHT there 2 catch me, LITERALLY(same thing occurred during the walk 2 the Fire H20 in the the local village, which involved descending a couple of steep hills). That left me encouraged.

>>for us who couldnt make it. All of the things u mentioned
>(sex-chi workshops) were they on Saturday?
>P.S. The Original Hebrews were not those people who went
>through the holocaust. They are JEW-"ish". The suffix explains
>itself...they are something likened to the ORIGINAL JEW
>(Yahudim). www.hebrewisraelites.org will give you the REAL.
31865, Sunfire Workshop 1-Thursday Part one.
Posted by ya Setshego, Thu Nov-17-05 06:34 PM

Cut coconuts into small pieces 4 blender. 4 cups of coconuts. Can use almonds or pumpkin seeds 2. Pistachios not advised. Use 2:1 ratio of H20 2 nuts. Add 2 blender & blend 2 2 compresses. Press pulp out & reintroduce 2 blender. H20 is liquid 1st get out coconut.

Live Pie Crust-
1 cup of dry walnuts. Soak in open container 4 12-hrs.
Use 1 cup of 1/2 of walnuts & 1 1/2 cup of almonds.
Use 5 Medjool dates(or 10 Glut dates) in food processor, 1/4 cup of coconut H20 & cinnamon. Turn food processor on, & add H20 thru top. Use 5 ou. of coconut H20 total. Use press cloth. Take date paste out of food processor & mix w/ nuts.
Take liquid in blender & put in press cloth. Put pulp back in heavy-duty blender. Use 2 sheets of paper 2 pull out pie crust. Put pressed coconut milk in2 big bowl.
Use wax paper. w/dough use 1 pound of dough 4 a 9" pie dish.
Stop blender, & put mixture back in cloth.
Put pie dish on dough, & cut around 2 create pie crust.
Coat dish w/ sm. amt. of olive oil(expeller pressed) b/4 droppping crust slowly on the dish. use palm of 1 hand, & index finger of other hand 2 shape crust. Cover entire lip of dish.
Put coconut H20 in big bowl w/ other H20. No need 2 sweeten coconut H20.
Build crust up where it is a lil' thin w/ left-over crust. use convection oven 2 drop down 2 a dehydrator temp. Set it 2 120-180 degrees, depending on how LIVE U want your pie 2 B. The more live, the less enzyme destruction you'll have.
Dehydrate 4 1-hr.
31866, Sunfire Workshop 1-Thursday Part two
Posted by ya Setshego, Fri Nov-18-05 01:46 PM
Will fill crust w/ fresh, raw filling.
Taste milk. It's fully prepared. Passion fruit/coconut milk combo. takes it 2 another level. Can do guava, peach, strawberry, nectarine. There R unlimited options.
Take blender & put 4 ous. of milk thru top of plastic hole in blender.
Can use jaka(Jack Fruit). Put 2 cups of jaka in blender. Use cane juice as sweetener. Start hi-tech blender @ low 4 1 min., then graduate to hi. Date juice is a 2nd-alternative as a sweetener. Add nutmeg & vanilla 2 give it "kick", & soaked cashews 4 protein, which takes it 2 a heavy cream.
***Eat mangos 4 natural laxative(as an aside), until stool consist of mangoes, then you'll know that your system is clean.
Indigestion: is the main prob. w/ adults due 2 an abused, faulty digestive system.
Almonds + 4 cups raw cashews(soak pieces 4 12hrs.)
1 1/2 cup ground walnuts
Red bell peppers(diced)
1 cup of scallions(sliced thinly), add 2 cashew cheese.
Green POWER or Champion juicer can homogenize meat OR S-Blade of a food processor.
31867, coconut milk for pie filling
Posted by Allah, Sat Nov-19-05 12:05 PM
I'm going to try this recipe out.
31868, RE: Pie filling (cont'd.)
Posted by ya Setshego, Mon Nov-28-05 02:05 PM
Peel papaya.
Pecans, sunflower seeds, pistachios. Put mushy & broken papayas @ the bottom. Put jam on top as next layer, & press DOWN & IN, w/ a spatula. Fill holes in as go along.
Raise edge slightly.
Next layer-Fan in opposite direction, of 1st layer.
Pineapple-Jack fruit
Shred apples up 7 put in middle, or kiwi.
Use what U've got & move 4ward w/ recipe, regardless of if U R missing a few ingredients.
****NOTE: Try 2 get your hands on the 7/05 Essence. Aris, & DC-based Raw foodist Lynda Carter R featured in the foods section.
Also check 4 the Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drin in Am. (2004 Edition), which also mentions Aris in the Vegetarianism U.S. Raw Food movement section. It also talks about Dr. Wigmore.
Aris used 2 have a store on 125th & Lenox in Harlem in 1978, called Savannah & Spice, where he gave birth 2 Sunfired Cuisine, helping 2 introduce Live Foods 2 the African Am. community.
Check out: rawsoul@yahoogroups.com 2 see how the A.A. Live foods community has evolved since that time.
Aris is 58, born in 1947, and has been vegan since 1970, 100% Live since '76.
31869, "tell me more, tell me more"
Posted by Whiteout, Sat Nov-19-05 05:32 PM
The words in this post are extremely interesting.

I would like to learn more about your experience and see if there's any information available for next years retreat. Tho, that description of ganja you gave makes me wish they were having it in Jamaica again.

Inbox me or post here.
I'll check back.

Specifically interested in the taoist and self-healing aspects: the tai chi, bellydancing (for my special lady friend), any of the holistic martial arts covered, anything about mind/body/soul you learned...I could keep going, but let's jsut start there. Feel free to get tangential.
31870, no reply?
Posted by Whiteout, Mon Nov-21-05 03:39 PM

...I guess I should apologize for the cheesy Grease reference...
31871, Next year's retreat
Posted by ya Setshego, Wed Nov-23-05 11:11 AM
info. has not been finalized, as yet, I believe. As far as your other qs., aren't they being answered in the threads of this post?
31872, re: questions
Posted by Whiteout, Wed Nov-23-05 04:08 PM
yeah, your first posts got me very interested, but the last posts I've seen have been the sexual tai chi, and sunfire workshops, which are cool and all too... I dont know, I guess I should just plan on going if I want to learn something...

I was trying to kick-up some dialogue,
but that doesn't seem to be happening, so...

yeah, I guess I'll just keep reading your other posts.

31873, Dialogue
Posted by ya Setshego, Sun Nov-27-05 03:30 PM
Yes, U definitely need 2 go, 2 experience it 4 yourself. I am certainly willing 2 dialogue about the experience until then, though. Please, ask me a SPECIFIC q. though, w/o the Grease references, & I think I can better engage U....BTW, I just saw my pictures from the week, & they do not do the experience justice. I'll see if I can get some of them posted up here, though they are dark & hard 2 make out what exactly is going on in them.
31874, recommend a good juicer/blender please.
Posted by , Sun Nov-20-05 02:18 AM



Go Noles!!!
31875, Green POWER or Champion juicer
Posted by ya Setshego, Sun Nov-20-05 12:27 PM
Check the Internet 4 prices.
31876, thank you
Posted by , Mon Nov-21-05 02:02 AM
>Check the Internet 4 prices.



Go Noles!!!
31877, Sunfire Workshop 1-Thursday Part three
Posted by ya Setshego, Sun Nov-20-05 12:48 PM
Use fresh, green thyme 4 the Nut meat. & pull leaves off w/ your fingers. Pull roots of scallions & slice w/ a sharp chef's knife. W/ Raw Foods, U want fine textures.
Herbs 2 use: marjoram, Sage, oregano tarragon, dill, & basil.
add scallion 2 dish, + at LEAST 1 herb.
Use 2 dozen of basil & chop fine, w/ 2 tsps. of pressed garlic(from 3 cloves).
Put basil in w/ cashew cheese. Put 1 spice in (seeds, e.g. Nutmeg; Mace is the fruit). Roots 2 use: pimento.
Put in 2 tsps. of jerk.
Put 1 cup of celery in food processor(which is 2 stalks of celery) Cut down sm. carrots.
Use celtic sea salt.
Other ideas 4 add-ins: tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, snow peas, broccoli.
Grind peppers, carrots, etc.& Press off-&-on, like 5-6X. Grind down until carrots R ground. Add 2 almond, walnut meat. ***SIDE NOTE-Peanuts R really peas, & belong in the legume family.

@@@Cashew Cheese@@@
Add 1 tsp. of Italian seasoning, & lime juice (squeezed fresh from a Persian lime). Add 1/4 cup of lime, or a whole lemon. Use nama shoyu(unpasteurized soy sauce), 2 add 2 cashew cheese. Add pineapple juice.

<Filler 4 Pie>

Frozen strawberries
Grind strawberries w/ S-jam. Always make more than needed @ 1X.
Dates serve as sweetener, binder.
Put 2 cups dates & 2 cups strawberries in food processor.
If concoction slides off spoon, need more dates, & won't hold all the layers tog.
Don't squeeze the papaya. Lift strings, veins & seeds out. Don't put fingertips in2 papaya while peeling it. ***SIDE NOTE: Eat papaya everyday, so that the papain enzyme could break down fat in decayed foods in the body. This promotes defecation.
A no-starch diet is a great way 2 lose weight. Use casgara sagrada & senna 2 cleanse.

Balsamic vinegar can be used, when can't do lime juice.
Use advocado 4 fat, or coconut cream.
Cold-pressed coconut oil has still been heated. STAY AWAY FROM CANNED FOODS!
Use nama shoyu 4 sodium, herbs, spices, make sure you achieve moisture w/ this mixture.
Green, leafy vegs. make the foundation of the salad(e.g. spinach, chard, kale, callaloo, bok choy, cabbage).
Put in some tomatoes & carrots.
Add fruit flavor, that is compatible according 2 food-combining rules w/ vegs. (e.g. pineapple, apple, papaya). Gives the salad a 'spark', along w/ capers, olives, & seaweed.

***SIDE NOTE(I know, I know, he was all over the place w/ this lecture, + I was tired, and falling asleep from jet lag, but bear w/ us, please) The KEY 2 a successful fast is in drinking LOTS OF FLUID. Toxins that stagnate in the brain cause headache. Good eating is the key 2 bringing our communities tog. Women should use GINSENG 2 stimulate the brain cells. THE ONLY places in the U.S. where 1 can obtain the TRUE, & POTENT Gingseng, R in Chinatown. DON'T believe the myth that Ginseng is just 4 men, 4 virility. The most powerful Chinese women in this world all know that is a lie, & use ginseng on a regular basis, 4 vitality, clarity & strength. The PREMIER location in the U.S., 2 obtain PURE, UNADULTERATED, STRAIGHT-FROM-CHINA Ginseng is in San Francisco, from Mama Liu's. Get slices of ginseng, & suck on it(just like Mama Liu does). Ginseng is a Superior Herb.
Fast 4 no more than 3 days @ a time. Fast 1 day, out of every week, 2 give your body a break from digestion, so it can cleanse, & repair & build cells. That's at least 52 days/ year that you would be cleansing, instead of polluting your body. Fast on the 21st-24th of each equinox & solstice.
Fast on Mountain Spring H20, if can't get Coconut H20(which in its natural state, is already Live, & Activated. Activate Spring H20 w/ Lime. The body can prod. it's own B-12, so it is untrue that one cannot be a vegetarian w/o having B-12 deficiency. The body needs 2 be clean internally 2 facilitate this production though, & Raw foods is a way 2 guarantee the body shall remain clean, creating a low-toxicity environment, in which B-12 self-manufacturing can occur.
Life 4 us in the 21st century should include Yoga, & Conscious(deep) Breathing.

***NOTE: Aris La Tham named Victoria Scovinkus as one of his inspirations 2 pursue Raw Foodism. Dick Gregory, and his famed, beloved book: Cookin' W/ Mother Nature was another influence to whom he referred pretty much during each of his lectures. BTW, his daughter, Ayanna Gregory, was on the retreat, w/ her background singer, Yvette, & they gave us a mini-concert on the last night, during the Royal Feast, & sang a song specifically written 4 the retreat. Had everyone in tears, I'll tell U. She TRULY embodies the meaning of her name: BEAUTIFUL FLOWER. If U don't have her 1st CD, of that name, U missed out on a SERIOUS treat.

Bad breath is decayed food in body.
Sweating, swimming, & walking R all good ways 2 loosen up the starch stagnated in the body, & 2 eliminate impurities from the system.

-Food groups-

Anything w/ a seed in it is a fruit, e.g. cucumber, zucchini, & eggplant.
The higher a food is, the more electrical it is, & more cleansing. Coconuts R the most electrically charged foods available 2 humans, therefore, the most cleansing.
31878, RE: Thank you, thank you, thank you
Posted by BlakRenaissance, Mon Nov-21-05 09:50 AM
me and my friend can expirement with these recipies.
31879, No problem
Posted by ya Setshego, Mon Nov-21-05 10:54 AM
I'm glad 2 B of assistance. I hope this info. inspires y'all 2 save your 'duckets', so U can attend next year, and experience everything 1st-hand. It truly was an incredible experience, on so many levels. I can't stop thinking about it. More notes 2 come...
31880, this is great
Posted by LexM, Mon Nov-21-05 12:18 PM
and i clicked around & found a link to some bellydancing classes in the md/dc area....

this is cool 'cause i was thinking that if i did get into anything like that, i'd rather do it w/ women of color.

i also may have to print out some of these recipes 'cause i want to do a raw food/juice/water fast for the winter solstice.


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31881, I was wondering
Posted by ya Setshego, Mon Nov-21-05 12:34 PM
were U were during this post. Y don't U do Dr. Amen's classes in D.C.? She just opened up a dance studio 2 doors down from Takoma Station. I plan on signing up myself. The hip-hop belly dance class I posted awhile back, is through the consortium she is a part of: BOCA(bELLY dancers of color). She taught a hip hop bellydance class during the retreat, & lemme tell U, the ish is FONKY. I LOVED it.
31882, now that i know about them
Posted by LexM, Mon Nov-21-05 03:50 PM
i might just have to make the trip over the bridge. :)

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31883, What bridge?
Posted by ya Setshego, Wed Nov-23-05 10:51 AM
>>i might just have to make the trip over the bridge. :)

*scratching head in wonder...*
31884, just kidding
Posted by LexM, Mon Dec-05-05 03:25 PM
i always say something like that when i talk about going down to dc...

i actually went to the class last friday. it's interesting. i kind of suck @ coreographed dancing (lol), but probably just because i'm not used to it. also, the studio is in the midst of some renovations, so that was a little distracting.

i got a workout, tho. my tummy started to ache a little not long after i got home. ha. i cheated & took an aleve before bed. otherwise i know i wouldn't have been able to move sat morning.

it's too much of a hassle to do weekly (location & all), but i am considering taking up african dance classes here in the city. i want something to supplement the yoga, i don't have a bike yet, and i pretty much *hate* the gym.


31885, Is your stomach
Posted by ya Setshego, Mon Dec-05-05 05:00 PM
flat already? I think if a Sistah's stomach is flat, that makes her beautiful. Not 2 say we gut-havin' ones AREN'T, but I just think flat stomachs enhance our shapes, and accentuate our hips, etc. Speaking of hips, Dr. Amen's belly-dance troupe did a demonstration @ MamaSita on Saturday, for the WPFW fund-raiser. I'm gonna have 2 take that class. It was quite amusing 2 observe the men's reaction 2 the dance. One old guy, who was leaving w/ my mother's friend yelled out, "Awwwwwww SHUCKS! Soukie, soukie, now! What a time for us to be LEAVING!" LOL! It was funny. Really, I want 2 do hip hop bellydance on Fridays, and Bellydance on Saturdays. If that doesn't help w/ my gut & thighs, then I just s'pose there's no hope. *shaking head*
31886, thankfully
Posted by LexM, Tue Dec-06-05 10:32 AM
i don't tend to gain weight around my midsection. i'm more likely to gain in the "love handle" area and upper thigh/hip/bottom areas first. i've never had what you'd call a "gut".

hopefully when i do this fast from 12/19-12/23 i'll lose an inch or so. but my goal is really to feel "lighter"/detox vs. losing weight.

i'm also hoping to buy a bike sometime between now & the spring. and my best friend wants me to tag along to the gym w/ her here and there. yoga is really helping with tone/strength.

i'm getting there. :)

but i can tell u from my experience: if you're moving what you're supposed to be moving to do all that stuff, your core muscles will have no choice but to strengthen/tone. lol.
31887, RE: Hmmm
Posted by ya Setshego, Wed Dec-07-05 11:54 AM
Well, I'm sorry U won't b taking HipHop Bellydance on a regular basis. I'm going this week. I really LOVED the classes in Jamaica. It's my thing. I kind of dance w/ my hips anyhow, naturally. Plus, I just think I look cute in those waist skirts, and I like the way they sound(cling-clang-cling), when I move. LOL! It's very feminine, and I'm not girly-girl about most things('cept 4 Barbies, of course) but THIS, I loved. U know, Dr. Amen stated that when she was pregnant w/ her daughter, and went in2 labor, she danced. The movements of belly dance massage the reproductive organs, and she says it assisted w/ the labor pains, and helped draw blood to the womb region, waking everything up, so that organs that needed 2 work 2 get the baby out, went on duty, and organs that were in the way moved aside. She says that the movements R designed 2 simulate s*x, as well as childbirth, b/c if done CORRECTLY, they R both the same movements. That sold me right there. I MUST take these classes.
31888, that's amazing...
Posted by LexM, Thu Dec-08-05 02:43 PM
i don't know if i could have had that kind of discipline while in labor, but i guess if you've been doing something long enough...lol.

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31889, Sunfire Workshop 1-Thursday Part four
Posted by ya Setshego, Mon Nov-21-05 12:32 PM

Syrup=49 gallons of sap boiled down.
Coconut H20 washes the Heart out. Is a blood purifier. Electrolytes in Coconut H20 R charged by the sun. Coconut H20 should be 1st thing U drink every morning. Once the coconut has been shaved, the H20 becomes rancid in Thai coconuts. The coconut tree is a distiller that pumps minerals out of the ocean. Converts minerals 2 organic form, that the body can use. Is better 4 those of us living in cold climates 2 purchase it frozen, rather than drinking it out of cans(which is what I was doing, b/c I knew of no other way 2 obtain it, in the U.S.)
All of your food should be 70% liquid, 2 match the composition of your body, which is 70% H20.
If eating live, can mix onions & raisins & not hold fast 2 traditional food-combining rules. (Aris has created his OWN food combining chart/food schedule, that I highly recommend. Please contact him @ aris@sunfiredfood.com 4 further info. The price of the chart is $15 U.S. It will help these notes make SO MUCH more sense.)

^^^Carrot-Raisin(or currants) Dish^^^

Apples(Granny Smith): Absorb acid, so they soak it up from other foods, & R good 2 use in combination w/ acidic foods(see Food Combining Chart 4 examples of acidic foods).
Put raisins, scallions, carrots in food processor, & use the wide feed, 2 achieve Long shreds. Can use parsley, cumin, lemon juice, 2 create a Mayonnaise-dressing 2 go w/ the dish. Fill carrots up 2 the wide feed's brim & push the carrots down.
Lime juice, w/ tahini. Coconut H20. White pepper.***DON'T use black pepper. It's like sand paper. White pepper looks like salt, but it's pepper, that's white.
Use food processor w/ the S-blade. Use sesame tahini, celtic salt & add 2 the white pepper, etc.-mixture.
Best oregano in the world=Greek oregano.
Use 1 cup of tahini(raw or organic). Use 1/2 tsp. of white peppr.
Add coconut H20 while machine is running. Use 1 tsp of Celtic salt.

Chutney: Food process mangoes 2 create the base. Sources of inspiration 2 tap in2 4 creation of Live foods(African cuisine, Italian, Chinese, Indian, etc.) Asfetida is what makes chutney "chut". Can also use Billiony Indian spice.
4 cups of diced mango, avocado, tomato.
***SIDE NOTE-Anne Wigmore is an original Live Foodist, who used the cuisine 2 heal the sick. Her recipes R bland, consequently, but Aris built on the foundation she laid, 2 create soul food versions of Live Foods, like Africans born in Am. would like.

Living H20(Coconut H20) is the breast milk of the earth. Coconuts even look like breasts, which is no accident of Nature.
Watermelon will clean U out, cut it's 99% H20. Has high electrical charge, & gives 1 a good cleanse, along w/ honeydew melon.
Melons as Cleansers aren't as effective as Coconut H20, but they DO work, as a 2nd-tier alternative. 3-tier cleanser would B pineapple.
Sweet fruits (E.g. dates, get soft & concentrated w/ sugar after being taken from the tree)
Prunes should be eaten after being re-hydrated(soaked in H20 2 add 2 electrical charge). Extract liquid from soaked prunes 2 create prune juice.
All magnetic foods growing below arm's reach & tend 2 be roots(e.g. carrots). R effected by the pull of the earth.
The sun electrifies the high-in-the-sky foods(e.g. Coconuts)
W/in modern-times, a man lived 2 B 256 years old, from China. He never ate any root vegetables, cuz they "pull 1 down 2 the grave". E.g. starches: rice, rye, & millet
soybeans, lentils, & peanuts R only 30% starch.
31890, Sunfire Workshop 1-Thursday Part five
Posted by ya Setshego, Wed Nov-23-05 11:33 AM
Parsnip, & carrots don't produce starch after juicing them. Starches settle & stick in fingertips & ankles, in lower back, knees, ankles, & wrists, which results in arthritis.Only digested starches can benefit the system. Undigested starch shows up in the body not only as calicified as arthritis, but also fat.
Extra weight is trash that one is carrying around, in one's OWN BODY! You have 2 melt it out, sweep it out, & roto-rooter it out, thru Live Foods, yoga, & exercise. You CAN Use the fat up, by fasting 4 40 days. Dr. Chelten has talked about this, & toxicemia. Don't break your fast w/ heavy foods. That seals toxins down in the system. Eat foods that rise w/ H20. In addition 2 Coconut H20, one could drink rain H20, or melted snow H20(I wouldn't personally, b/c of the acid in it, but this is what Aris SAID).
Hard minerals calcify in the arteries & joints, so should not drink "hard" H20.
Germinate seeds & nuts, 2 remove enzyme inhibitors. Sprout wheat 4 2 days. yeast ingestiion is caused by starch(e.g. bagels, donuts).
***SEE the Feasting, fasting & healing systems Food Chart.
Electromagnetic foods=seaweed & green, leafy vegs.

Get your fiber in the morning. It scrubs the system out.
The body cannot digest AND eliminate simultaneously. So you need 2 fast 4 36-hrs. EVERY WEEK, starting @ dusk, & ALWAYS break your fast in the a.m.
From 8p.-4p., you do an O2 fast.
A true, classical fast is no H20 NOR solid foods 4 40 days, and 40 nights, just like in the Bible.
Removing waste mats. from the system is best done during the 1st 8 hours of the day.
Allow 2 hrs. of digestion before going 2 sleep, so your body is resting throughout the night, and not working @ digestion, which will cause U 2 feel tired and unrested in the a.m.
Going 2 sleep on a heavy-cooked diet, causes 1 2 B tired from producing enzymes 2 digest the meal throughout the night.
Consume ALL meals before the sun goes down, each day.
Optimally, wake up 2 hrs. B-4 the sun goes up, & go 2 sleep 2 hrs. after the sun sets.

It's only been 100,000 yrs. that man has eaten cooked food, since man is 1,000,000 yrs. old, this means that Original man was Live foodist 4 900,000 yrs.! Sunfired foods was a term Aris La Tham coined in 1978. He became 100% Live in 1976. His mentors include, in addition 2 the aforementioned influences: Alvenia Fulton & Arturo Scorvinius.
Raw food capital of the world is Rio De Janeiro, in Brazil. They have the Raw Foods Project, spear-headed by Anna Barco.
Aris attended the International Vegetarian Conrgress in Italy, where he was the Keynote Speaker. This event is in Goah, India, next September.
31891, RE: Sunfire Workshop 1-Thursday Part five
Posted by BlakRenaissance, Mon Nov-28-05 11:49 AM
These are some very nice recipies. Truthfully....I'm 25 and I dont know sh@t about preparing food. *yeah i know its sad* My fridge is bare as hell because i dont know what to cook, so i eat out all the time *which is a biiiiiiiig no no*. I would really like to start eating this way, what are the basic "UTENSILS" i would need to prepare these types of foods. Please help a brotha out!!!!!

P.S. Also too, even a basic grocery list of things you usually pick up to fill the fridge on a weekly, bi-weekly basis?
31892, No problem, Bruh,
Posted by ya Setshego, Mon Nov-28-05 01:31 PM
I got 'chu. Gimme a sec. U R @ a great age 2 settle in2 this type of lifestyle. I learned how 2 cook just as I was becoming vegetarian 16 years ago, which was cool cuz what I now know how 2 make, is vegetarian, save a few recipes my grandmother taught me b-4 she fell ill and passed(from years of eating the stuff she was teaching me how 2 make, btw....)
31893, From the vegsoul.com website:
Posted by ya Setshego, Mon Nov-28-05 01:51 PM

"The raw food diet consists of all fresh plant food, including vegetables (green and non-starchy), starches (grains, legumes, root vegetables), all fruits, seeds and nuts, other protein including avocado, ackee, olives and coconut, seaweed and fresh herbs.

"The juicer, blender, food processor and dehydrator are the appliances used to prepare foods. The full range of dining experience is created with these four pieces of equipment.

"The main seasonings would be fresh or dried herbs, and some traditional basic seasonings like escallion, garlic, thyme and other fresh herbs are also used.

"Olive or coconut oil are used exclusively, and they must be cold pressed.

"Sea salt is used minimally or shoyu ('clean' soy sauces - without salt, chemicals or additives) are used.

"The theoretical basis of the raw food diet is that nutrients are cooked out of foods. The concept is that the sun has cooked food naturally, enough so for it to be consumed. The natural cooking process is the growing process, the time it takes food to come to maturity. Cooking food otherwise destroys its nutrients and digestive enzymes, which help to break down the different food elements. So the body has to produce its own digestive enzymes excessively over time, which challenges the immune system and breaks the whole body down after an extended period of eating cooked foods. A lot of food ends up going undigested and ailments turn up as a result of rotted, undigested foods.

"Also, the combination of foods eaten is important. Cooked starches and cooked protein should not be eaten together because they cannot digest together and the starch will end up fermenting in the system. It is very critical to separate starches from protein, even in the raw diet.

"The body goes through three phase cycles every day, eight hours each. The most critical one happens when we are sleeping, because the body is fasting breaking down and removing cells. The next eight hours is when we wake. For the morning period, we eat only fruits because they are eliminative. The day should be started off with 16 ounces of coconut water, which works as an internal shower to wash out the whole system. Between 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. is the building mode. Lunch should be protein-centred and dinner starch-centred. Each should be complemented with non-starchy, non-protein vegetables.

"Liquid intake consists of coconut water in the mornings and a quart of fruit juice; for lunch, a protein drink like nut milk; and for dinner one pint of vegetable juice."
31894, "Live" Water
Posted by Allah, Mon Nov-28-05 04:18 PM
Art's brother Clinton manufactures "live water", he uses
electrical equipment though, he doesn't use "live water"
from spring water, rain water, or other "natural" sources.
Too bad it's like $50 or so dollars a gallon........... :-P
31895, RE: "Live" Water
Posted by ya Setshego, Wed Nov-30-05 05:06 PM
I prefer 2 stick w/ the coconut H20. I wish I had some place where I could get not in the can.
31896, Sunfire Workshop 1-Thursday Part six
Posted by ya Setshego, Mon Nov-28-05 01:27 PM
+++Seaweed Relish+++

This lasts 4 1 mo., and is good 2 use in sushi.
4 minerals from the sea, use: Dulce(is like a fine lettuce)
Nori(cut in 4 strips w/ scissors)
1 onion
2 cloves of garlic
Shredded pumpkin
Optimally, U should eat garlic & seaweed daily, 2 counteract the ElectroMagnetic radiation from the computers, that also contribute 2 global warming. Seaweed is a Neutralizer of radiation, and source of Vit. B-12.
Can add daikon radish and parsley 2 the relish as well.
If juice watermelon w/ the rind, it neutralizes the system.
Lettuce & celery are neutral and R able 2 B used w/ fruits.
Have protein & starches @ separate meals. Proteins req. a more lengthy process.
25% of protein or starch, 75% vegs. or fruits.
Tomato does not go well w/ coconut.


Use coconut milk as the base. Add 1 bunch of broccoli. 1 cup of diced bell peppers.
Peel cucumber & fresh ginger.
Scrape ginger. DON'T PEEL IT.
Use 2 tsps. of cajun spice, 1 tbs. thyme.
Can also use carrot juice base, blend w/ corn oil, celery & sprouted lentils. Add lentils after already blended.

Note: I have made these b-4, & a word 2 the wise-b prepared 4 some serious POOPING after eating these cookies. They R very good, & U can't just have 1, but they run right through U, as any TRULY healthy food should. Flax seed, like licorice, is a natural laxative.
Soak buckwheat 4 3-4 days prior 2 use.
Golden flax seed.
Whole oats. Don't use rolled oats, as they are dead.
Grind oats down.
Jack fruit.
Date dough(that U have left-over from pie crust).
Chinese 5-spice(is an excellent starter).
Get a mixing bowl.
The oats hold everything tog.
Put the 'zest' from a Persian lime, using a ZESTER, 2 scrape the rind off. Use 1 tsp.
Shred guava w/ a fine shredder.
Can use apples & avocados.
Dates serve as a great sweetener.
Are going 2 create a currant zest.
Shred guava, and add 2 mix.
Put 2/3 cup of SOAKED flaxseed in. Don't discard the H20 after soaking. DRINK IT. It has the same muciliginous properties as aloe. Can add vanilla extract & nutmeg.
Use an icecream scoop, & shape the cookies.
Dehydrate them overnight., @ no higher than 135 degrees Farenheit, in a conventional oven.

^^^Nori Rolls^^^

Snow peas
Cashew Cheese
Sea relish
Wrap nut meat up in nori paper, w/ the aforementioned ingredients w/ a sushi wrap mat.
Put snow peas & sliced of avocado, w/ shredded carrots & broccoli. Put the leaves on top.
Spread cashew cheese along edge of nori paper, 2 'glue' 2 the main body of the roll.

31897, RE: Sunfire Workshop 1-Thursday Part six
Posted by BlakRenaissance, Mon Nov-28-05 04:13 PM
Thank you soooooooo much. I have been iritated, stressed, confused/cloudy,unmotivated and a whole host of other emotions lately and i believe it is mainly due to this light switch type weather and "MY DIET". What do you suggest for a smooth transition over to this diet because this is a major flip. Or do you say cold turkey?
31898, RE: As my supervisor would say
Posted by ya Setshego, Mon Nov-28-05 04:58 PM
"4 Real, 4 Real"(I guess the "Real" is so serious, he figures U have 2 say it twice), I have 2 tell U, after eating Live 4 a week, and coming home, fasting 4 3 days, then re-introducing cooked food back 2 my system I have been SICK. I mean, straight a**ed OUT. Vomitting. Diarrhea. Headaches.Cracked and bleeding skin(I have eczema). My mother was thinking that I picked up a parasite from eating avocados & bananas from the fruit stands in JM, but Art 'blew my mind' w/ the concept that after cleansing 4 a week, I probably have parasites from the COOKED foods that I started back eating. I communicated w/ my roommate from the retreat, and she's been sick also(the owner of Yabba). She is really gung-ho on raw foodism though, and I'm not exactly clear on why she is still eating cooked @ all actually, but anyway, b-4 I could even tell her what Art had said, she read 2 me from a book on raw foodism that she purchased from the Net, and the guy was breaking down how the system will not accept both ways of eating, well. Eating 70-80% live, and 20-30% cooked, is analogous 2 being a crack addict 20-30% of your waking hours, b/c cooked food is addictive, and the waste build-up that it formulates in the system causes dis-ease, & ill-health. The name of the book she was reading to me from is called something like: "Blatant Misconceptions of the Raw Food Diet".
In that ONE week, my skin cleared up, not only from the food, but also b/c I was rubbing aloe from the parking lot on my skin, bathing in th e mineral-rich sea every morning, & I had the Fire H20 massage @ the Sulphur Spring, which is basically, a Fountain of Youth. I lost weight, and had no migranes(I know being away from wrk. helped w/ that also).
I posted about this back in 2000, but I used 2 eat @ this Ital Live foods 'rastarant' in the ATL, where the owners had a 2 year old, who had NEVER had cooked food in her life. She also NEVER had so much as a COLD before. Childhood diseases that usu. afflict children, the mother told me, her children just did not have, and even when the older 1s did go 2 school, they never had ailments 2 the degree of seriousness as the other children, & she was able 2 cure the children w/ natural remedies(they were Jamaican, so they already knew the stuff that we learned @ Cranbrook Forest).

Another thing 2 consider: the equipment 4 the Live diet is not cheap, but think of the money you'll save from not having 2 go 2 the doctor, either now, or later in life. A REAL Champion juicer will run U around $400 in the south, more up north, in a health food store. There may be better deals on the Internet though. heavy duty blenders aren't cheap, either, but if U make Live Foods on a consistent basis, U will wear a run-of-the-mill blender out w/ the quickness, so U may as well make the investment in the Heavy Duty Blender, @ the front end.

If U R already vegan though, & R SERIOUS about being 100 % Raw(which I admittedly am not), I suggest going cold turkey. If U aren't even vegan yet, I suggest making a transition. Tell me where U R in your diet, and I can make a more informed suggestion.
31899, RE: More informed eeeeehhhhh.....
Posted by BlakRenaissance, Mon Nov-28-05 06:09 PM
Well my diet consist of: BULLSH@T
more detail: Fast food, chips, soda, basically a wack typical AMEIRKKKAN diet. I eat lamb meat (w/ fries) about 4 days a week (its around the corner from the crib). I say the only time i fast is on the Sabbath (not planned...usually cant make it anywere before the sunsets on Friday evening) and on the Day of Attonment. Which is quite sad because i read the Bible and even the Essenes/Gnostic gospels which talk about the benefits of fasting exstensively. That Wholistic health Hip-Hop DVD i have talked about cooked food being addictive also. He gave an example of us basically being drug addicts...examples like poppy plant(natural)extracted=heroin(drug), coca leaves(natural)extracted=cocaine(drug), sugarcane(natural)extracted=granulated sugar(drug). He also said that the sugar has the same molecular properties -1 as crack. He said "you have never seen a person fienin' for an apple or grapes(naturally sweet) but you have for little debbie(added sugar)." I was blown away......If you could get me started on something i would greatly appreciate it. I need help,lol.
31900, Well I guess I keep having "Drug Relapses"
Posted by Dough RaeMii, Tue Nov-29-05 02:03 AM
Sista I appreciate your diligence as it pertains to these informational postings- I am learning so much and am encouraged by your excitement- i can feel your energy!
Please help a sista out I keep having "Drug" (harmful food) relapses
I have been vegitarian for almost 2 years (with the occasional peice of fish here and there) I have attempted to go raw once, and have attempted to make my vegetarian diet more strict numerous times but the sweet treats, fish, and occasional sprinkle of cheese keeps creeping back in. I am a full time college student and it is just so hard for me to find the time to prepare raw meals (just crunching on a carrot stick is not an option- I need FLAVOR!)that is also why it is difficult for me to avoid cooking my food- i love to sautee'! I also need info on how to plan my meals for each week, i think if i had a guided & set schedule(including breakfast,lunch,dinner,& fasting days) it would make transitioning and sticking to a raw food diet so much easier.

Note: Juciers, blenders, processors,ect. are a little expensive for me right now which makes proper raw food prep.difficult, how can i make this a more feesible way of life considering my present circumstances. I'm tired of RE-LAPSING!Na-Mean :)

Please help if you don't mind- Thank you!
31901, Yeah
Posted by ya Setshego, Tue Nov-29-05 02:25 PM
I can dig it. I suggest Crave-less. That helps w/ Sugar Addiction. I have not used it personally, but other OKPlayers might be able 2 attest 2 its effectiveness moreso than I. Laila Afrika, who wrote Nutricide, and Afrikan Holistic Health, advocates its usage. As far as a sample menu, U need 2 get Aris' Sunfired Food chart. It's only $15. Contact him , & he'd be happy 2 hook U up w/ one. As far as pursuing a Live Diet, just go ahead & get the cheap equipment 4 now, since U R in college. That's what I did. I was in college when 1st introduced 2 Live Foodism, & I could not afford a Champion(still can't really). I made do, w/ whatever I could get from Montgomery Ward(which is no longer in business). During the warm months, I basically eat melons, and kiwi all day. And salads. LOTS AND LOTS of salads. I have no IDEA what I'm going 2 do 4 this winter. I am going 2 participate in the Yabba Fast, and basically eat @ Yabba Pot or Everlasting Life everyday for 2 weeks, then eat salads everyday for 1 week. That will get me through 21-days of being 100% Live. The owner of Yabba has converted its menu 2 50% Live, which will help. Trust, I'm @ my own level of struggle w/ this thing too. It's not easy, but I've seen w/ my OWN EYES the benefits of it. Not 2 keep harping on the sex thing, but I can't begin 2 tell U how much Sexual energy Aris La Tham exuded. Not in a Prince-I'm-trying-my-d**ndest-2-B-sexy-cuz-I-AM kind of way either. It was just....natural. And Aris is no Spring Chicken, lemme tell U. But he also does not look his age, which he TOTALLY attributes 2 raw living, and retaining his male essence through INjaculation, vs. Ejaculation. This is some heavy, heavy, information, and I'm just excited about it, and blown away by it, so I feel compelled 2 share it, is all.
31902, RE: Yeah
Posted by Dough RaeMii, Wed Nov-30-05 03:32 AM
Does Ahk Aris have a web site with info on other services, reading material, ect.

what are some good yoga/meditaion/tai-chi books i can read up on that you have tried (although very informative, i'm not referring to the ones about the sexual tai-chi, just da regular), how about music cd's that are full of the sounds of nature, a few flutes and maybe some drums that are good for meditation/& yoga, any suggestions-

I'm going to have to find out more about that crave-less too!
31903, Flutist
Posted by ya Setshego, Wed Nov-30-05 02:19 PM
Carlos Nakai(Indigenous Am.) is good 2 meditate/sleep 2. His music should b available @ amazon.com

4 Yoga, check out YogaZone tapes. That's what I use. They might b on amazon.com as well. They have a show that comes on cable here, so I just tape the show. If U can't find them on amazon, let me know, & I'll check some Buddhist catalogs I have.
31904, Tell me more about
Posted by ya Setshego, Tue Nov-29-05 02:39 PM
this HIP HOP DVD. Who narrated it?

WTF R U eating LAMB?! If U aren't vegetarian yet, U need 2 start w/ the basics: read Dick Gregory's "Cookin' W/ Mother Nature", and "The Farm". Give up ONE thing a week, 2 give your system a chance 2 get used 2 being w/o it. Do U still eat pork? Once U start reading those books, U can post about what U R learning, etc., & I can provide support/suggestions. Or, just inbox me, if U don't want others in on the conversation. :)

>>Well my diet consist of: BULLSH@T
>more detail: Fast food, chips, soda, basically a wack typical
>AMEIRKKKAN diet. I eat lamb meat (w/ fries) about 4 days a
>week (its around the corner from the crib). I say the only
>time i fast is on the Sabbath (not planned...usually cant make
>it anywere before the sunsets on Friday evening) and on the
>Day of Attonment. Which is quite sad because i read the Bible
>and even the Essenes/Gnostic gospels which talk about the
>benefits of fasting exstensively. That Wholistic health
>Hip-Hop DVD i have talked about cooked food being addictive
>also. He gave an example of us basically being drug
>addicts...examples like poppy
>plant(natural)extracted=heroin(drug), coca
>sugarcane(natural)extracted=granulated sugar(drug). He also
>said that the sugar has the same molecular properties -1 as
>crack. He said "you have never seen a person fienin' for an
>apple or grapes(naturally sweet) but you have for little
>debbie(added sugar)." I was blown away......If you could get
>me started on something i would greatly appreciate it. I need
31905, Solarus
Posted by ya Setshego, Tue Nov-29-05 05:32 PM
First of all, let me just state how much I just realized that I miss that Brothah's presence on these boards. and PERIOD, really. Second, I'm searching the Archives for posts on vegetarianism, and fasts that I can link 2 this thread. I know some really good 1s were done back-n-da-day, I'm just hoping they were archived.
31906, RE: Naaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww.....
Posted by BlakRenaissance, Wed Nov-30-05 10:34 AM
I dont eat any pork. Or any shellfish. Or any Catfish. If the Creator says not to eat it in Leviticus chapter 11, I dont. I guess thats what kind of makes it hard because he said "DO NOT EAT PORK" and i'm like "OKAY" but he didnt say "DO NOT EAT DORITOS" eventhough i know it crappy.

P.S. Naw, sista i'm not ashamed of displaying my mishaps to people who could help me. Again Thank you.
31907, Well.
Posted by ya Setshego, Wed Nov-30-05 02:15 PM
Y don't U do the YabbaFast then, as a start, & a way 2 cleanse your system? It starts 2day, and lasts 21 days.
31908, RE: Well.
Posted by BlakRenaissance, Thu Dec-01-05 10:58 AM
Oh yeah that DVD........Its narrated by Supa Nova Slom (Queen Afua's son) It has Dr. Laila Afrika, Dead Prez, Erykah Badu, Common, and more. Its informative. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000168A7I/qid=1133450213/sr=11-1/ref=sr_11_1/104-4227166-8180764?n=130
31909, I think
Posted by ya Setshego, Thu Dec-01-05 11:15 AM
this video was shown @ the Happily Natural celebration in richmond this summer. Not sure though. I have a feeling I've seen it somewhere b-4.
31910, Sunfire Workshop 2-Friday
Posted by ya Setshego, Thu Dec-01-05 12:18 PM
11/11/05, 7:04p.m.

***AS AN ASIDE-Check out: "Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About", @ naturalcures.com

###Raisin Bread###

1 1/2 cup of carrots(which=1 large carrot)
1 cup of raisins
2 tsps. of cinnamon

Use Champion juicer 2 homogenize & bring everything thru easily. DON'T get the commercial Champion juicer. Mix homogenized dough & mix in bowl. Use champion 2 make ice cream, etc.

Fruitarians only eat foods which germinate, & sprout: fruits.
Menstrual flow decreases on the Live diet from 5-7 days 2 1 day, & the amt. decs. as well. Women can also fast during menstruation.
Vegetarians eat food that VEGETATES, which does not include fish, dairy & chicken.
Read books by: Havakian
Alvenia Fulton
Arnold Eritz
Hilton Ataymer?(Wrote books on Live Foods 4 50 years)
Anne Wigemore(Aris advises against buying in2 the H20 she advocates tho')


When 1 burns marijuana, 1 becomes intoxicated, b/c it's a toxic irritation 2 the brain. Releases toxin from the THC compound, the active ingredient in cannibus, ALONG W/ the medicinal properties. Get the "munchies" after smoking it b/c the brain wants 2 protect itself from burning out by postponing getting toxins off the brain, by sending the polluted blood down 2 the digestive system, making it work, & desire food 2 work ON.
31911, RE: Veg Soul 05
Posted by ya Setshego, Mon Dec-05-05 11:08 AM
31912, RE: Aris recipes from rawsoul.com
Posted by ya Setshego, Tue Dec-06-05 08:54 AM
Magical Dressings from Aris

Herbal Garlic Dressing

2 Cloves Garlic
3oz olive oil
6 basil leaves
2tbsp cilantro
2oz lemon juice
1 tbsp nama shoyu
2 arugula leaves
1/2 tsp thyme leaves
1/2 cup pineapple juice.
Blend all ingredients together.

Tahini Gold

1/2 cup water
1/2 cup tahini
4 basil leaves
1 sprig scallion
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tsp nama shoyu
1 1/2 tsp turmeric
2 cloves garlic
2 pieces of dried apricots.
Blend all ingredients together.

Salsa Mombassa

1 papaya
2 tomatoes
1 small onion
2 cloves garlic
3 sprigs cilantro
2 scotch bonnet or jalapeno peppers (coat fingers with olive oil
and remove seeds from Habenero unless you're 'feeling Hot, Hot, Hot'!)
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tsp nama shoyu
1 tbsp olive oil
Pulse in food processor until chunky consistency.

31913, Sunfire Workshop -Friday Part two
Posted by ya Setshego, Wed Dec-07-05 10:36 AM
Kwatamani's(Live Foods Activist who USED 2 B based out of the ATL, but is now is FL) blindness may B based on the bulgar in his diet, which built mucus seal around his eyes, causing blindness. On a live diet, can have live bulgar, but should b a very small percentage of your diet.

Ovulation-Day b4 ovulation, discharge bcomes like egg white. Day after, bcomes clear.
Morning sickness is toxins coming up & out, since the menstrual system is shut down 4 9 mos., after conception. Is also Y women gain 40-50 lbs. Is waste, w/ no outlet, since menstrual flow has stopped. Contractions R the body's attempt 2 push aside fat, so the baby can come out. So-called baby fat should not come until the 8th or 9th mo. & should only be 5-6 lbs. The 40-50 lbs. extra is the MOM, NOT the baby.
Athlete's foot-body defecating through the feet.
uric acid is gathered in the prostate, & corrodes & rusts the prostate. Masturbation is a way 2 pump pus out of the male's system.

+++Savory Pie+++

Sunflower seeds
Cashews(Just warning U raw cashews<as well as pistachios> R 'hella' expensive. Just bought some a couple of days ago)
Sesame seeds
Walnuts(2 cups)
Mixing bowl

Bombeii Pie Crust 4 vegetable crust:
(garlic, chives, etc. 4 seasonings)
Add mint & chives + Celtic sea salt.
Put thru homogenizer. the thicker U make crust, the longer it takes 2 homogenize.

Live foods diet, & thorough knowledge of herbs' medicinal purposes is the best way 2 prepare 4 defense against Avian Flu.

***SEE www.rawfoods.com
"It's not the food in your life that matters, but the life in the food that nourishes." -Aris LaTham
31914, RE: Perfectionism does not exist
Posted by maternalbliss, Wed Dec-07-05 01:30 PM
I attended one of Dr. Afrika's lectures bought one of his books and was a vegetarian for 2 years. This is simply another form of elitism. The Vegan/Raw food thing is also a religion and I don't do religion.

I do not believe any food or substance is poison. A lot of so called poisons are naturally found in the body. This is known as a symbiotic relationship. Once the so called poison reaches a level higher than what is natural for the human body you have what is known as toxicity.

I have also noticed how restrictive and dogmatic this philosophy is getting. First you had vegetarianism, then veganism, fruitarian now raw foods. This is an example of a controlling dogma the outcome desired is perfectionism. Perfectionism does not exist in this reality.

31915, RE: No one said it does
Posted by ya Setshego, Wed Dec-07-05 02:40 PM
It IS an extreme form of veganism, as I am experiencing from participating in the YabbaFast. I am not 100% Raw typically myself, but I HAVE experienced the health benefits from being so, in the tropical environment of Jamaica. Maintaining it in the cold climate in which I live has proved challenging, as I stated in the YabbaFast post. There IS some good info. that has been disseminated here, and I definitely have incorporated it in2 my Lifestyle. I am hoping 2 B maybe 50% Raw during the cold mos. after the YabbaFast, and continue 80% during the warm mos. If it's not your thing though, so be it. R U vegetarian @ all?
31916, RE: Since we're tossing about websites:
Posted by ya Setshego, Wed Dec-07-05 02:56 PM
31917, whoa you say there aren't poisons, then you say poison "levels"
Posted by Allah, Wed Dec-07-05 04:05 PM
you need to make up your mind. incidentally how did people
eat when fire and knives and stuff wasn't laying around?
31918, RE: Think before eating the tofu
Posted by maternalbliss, Wed Dec-07-05 09:26 PM
>you need to make up your mind. incidentally how did people
>eat when fire and knives and stuff wasn't laying around?

I am not sure what prehistoric people you are refering to. So I will use the term Cavemen.
These beings did not develop tools because they did not have the intellect to create them. I do not believe my ancestors are descended from these creatures, beings or whatever you want to call them.
Adam and Eve were dumb too. While they was eating just the fruit of the garden they did not even know they were naked. What was the thing that lead to an increase in man's intellectual capacity? Beans and sprouts did not do it then and I am quite sure man won't become any wiser via juicing and fasting.
31919, you don't need much clothes IN THE TROPICS
Posted by Allah, Wed Dec-07-05 09:33 PM
1037 1/3 miles per hour. meaning most of the Original People
live ON/NEAR THE EQUATOR, they didn't need all types of clothes,
and they didn't need to cook since all the food edible to the
Original People's body could be picked and gathered near the
31920, Whatever
Posted by ya Setshego, Thu Dec-08-05 12:20 PM
health challenge U mentioned having in another post I BET U could be alleviated, if not eliminated, via a Live Foods diet. Raw foodism came in2 being in its modern-day popular form as a result of Dr. Anne Wigemore, treating her patients, by putting them on bland, Raw diets. The thinking 2day is, if she could heal people who were already sick w/ severe illnesses, Y not adopt a more spicy, flavorful version of the diet, 2 prevent dis-ease in the 1st place? That makes sense 2 me, and Live Foodists do not advocate the eating of tofu, btw, b/c it is NOT LIVE. Tofu is something that vegans typically eat, and @ the VegSoul retreat it was only served twice, in small portions, 2 support those who were totally unaccustomed 2 eating Raw.

>>I am quite sure man
>won't become any wiser via juicing and fasting.
31921, i second that.
Posted by MizSoulRebelle, Thu Dec-08-05 01:06 PM
give thanks for the info....keep it coming.

"they taught us to pray with our eyes closed and when we opened them, they had our land and we had their bible" ~ muta
31922, RE: Cool
Posted by ya Setshego, Thu Dec-08-05 03:47 PM
I was wondering if I was sharing this info in vain, cuz I'm feelin' sensitive about my posts these days, since I've had some of my ish "hidden" or deleted 4 the 3rdX in 5 years this week.
31923, who says haters are just for hip hop...
Posted by LexM, Thu Dec-08-05 02:51 PM

nah, but seriously....i hear what you're saying (plus...interesting website...everyone's got an opinion...), but i don't think that the benefits of a veggie/vegan/raw diet can be so summarily dismissed for *some*.

i think a lot of it--as allah alluded to--has to do with where you're from (originally speaking, not necessarily where you're living now).

europeans and ppl in colder, northern climates are more accustomed to eating meat and dairy.

ppl in warmer, equatorial climates eat more fruits/veggies, less dairy/meat, and more foods are just picked out of the ground/off trees and vines without a lot of alteration.

since these diets developed over eons of evolution, there's something to be said for going "back" to them if we fall out of balance.

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31924, RE: my thoughts EXACTLY
Posted by ya Setshego, Thu Dec-08-05 03:49 PM

>>since these diets developed over eons of evolution, there's
>something to be said for going "back" to them if we fall out
>of balance.