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31836, RE: No, allowances are made on other boards for
Posted by suave_bro, Sat Mar-12-05 12:55 PM
>things outside the guidlines due to popular request. I've
>been talking to people as YOU KNOW, because you've been one of
>them about the direction of the board and how to address it.
>The issue with swipes has come up nearly everytime.

- something outside the guidelines and a SWIPE is something totally different. i wouldnt go in2 okaysports and talk about sex. well, by all means delete the posts that have nothing to do with activism or social/political issues...I just haven't seen that many posts in activist that fall outside of this...however, somebody made a post the other week about their experience in the club and how our women are treated...IMO (and i had 2 people reply and agree with me) that post was very important for these boards because it directly connected to our womens high HIV/unwanted pregnancy/high abortion rates and the way we dont treat our women with RESPECT etc etc...needless to say that post got deleted. and i'll say again, I had TWO people agree when i said that EXACT SAME THING in my response to that post (which was NOT a swipe)...so i think the larger issue is what our MODERATOR deems is "activist" worthy or not. obviously the person who created that post and the people who agreed with ME thought so, however, other folks feel OTHER issues are more important...why was that post deleted when people clearly felt it was "activist" related?

>I don't have a vote in this, so it isn't really about me. If
>it was up to my personal feelings I would have gone thru and
>deleted each one that wasn't prefaced with an
>argument/statement from my first day.

- so what happened to the post i was referring to above? and another thing: you say that you inboxed people and asked them what was wrong and people complained about "SWIPES", why is it that nobody has complained other than you?

>Instead we've tried to have a conversation about the
>direction. Some people choose not to respond, so their wishes
>can't be honored, others haven't been contacted because I
>can't inbox EVERYBODY. I tried to hit certain "schools of
>thought". Everyone else has an opportunity to chime in here.

- I understand all of this but again, you are the only person that has complained about "swipes"...

>You don't think a "breaking news" anchor is adequate? why or
>why not?

- i think a "breaking news" anchor would be the DUMBEST thing to ever happen to these boards. why? because would you have anchored a post about brian nichols? would there be an anchored post about michael jackson arriving to court in his PJ's? where would these breaking news reports come from? al-jazeera.com? bbcnews.com? cmon now...hell you cant even get the people on here to talk about SUDAN. this is a very "safe" activist board where people think that bashing the president is something "taboo" and "cool" even though its not. its played. everybody is doing it and that is fine...however, if you try to talk to folks about why poor latinos, asians, and whites score higher on standardized tests than middle class african americans and people get afraid...to ME that's the shit that should be anchored.