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31835, No, allowances are made on other boards for
Posted by FireBrand, Sat Mar-12-05 12:36 PM
things outside the guidlines due to popular request. I've been talking to people as YOU KNOW, because you've been one of them about the direction of the board and how to address it. The issue with swipes has come up nearly everytime.

What we need to do is come up with a system to deal with the issue so that everyone can feel as comfortable as possible.

I don't have a vote in this, so it isn't really about me. If it was up to my personal feelings I would have gone thru and deleted each one that wasn't prefaced with an argument/statement from my first day.

Instead we've tried to have a conversation about the direction. Some people choose not to respond, so their wishes can't be honored, others haven't been contacted because I can't inbox EVERYBODY. I tried to hit certain "schools of thought". Everyone else has an opportunity to chime in here.

I'm trying to be very fair. So don't make this to be more than it is.

You don't think a "breaking news" anchor is adequate? why or why not?


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