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31834, not only that
Posted by suave_bro, Sat Mar-12-05 12:28 PM
but if you just surf the web and go to ANY political/social issues message board you will find the exact same things (at least the ones ive visited) where people post links to articles or swipes of entire articles and people respond to them and a discussion develops...

this is also common in the lesson, common in okaysports, common in pass the popcorn, this is a daily thing in general discussion as well (i do not visit the other boards so i dont know)...I also dont see how this hatred of swipes is any different then what was done in this dudes OIL post (that is also anchored)...

all the other mods on the other boards go by the guidelines/TOS and nothing more. trying to run the boards based on your pet peeves or because you dont personally see a purpose behind it (even though u did the same thing) is bullshit.