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Topic subjectid didnt violate the TOS
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31832, id didnt violate the TOS
Posted by suave_bro, Sat Mar-12-05 01:13 PM
your quote: "Do you know that by interjecting in my convo and direct question to 3x that you are in violation of the guidelines?"

this is what the guidelines say

"If your boy or girl is in a debate with another poster, do not jump in. Let them work out their disagreement. You would/could just make it worse. EX: "Yo! That's my boy! You can't talk to him like that! I'm in this..WHAT!?!" That's a no-no, player."

- there is no way you can agree that this is what I did.

but at the same time the guidelines say this:

"If you find yourself about to make a post with a fellow poster's name in the subject line, ask yourself "Wouldn't it be easier to e-mail him / her?" Posts that are addressed to one specific person (be it okaystaff, okayartist, or okayplayer) will be removed."

however you claim to have made a direct statement to somebody and if you didnt intend on anybody else interjecting in your convo, should that not have been inboxed to him? to put that in2 perspective for you: If I were engaged in a debate with a fellow poster, and I asked that the mod please delete posts that interjected between me and that particular posters convo, would you NOT tell me to inbox them? that this was a PUBLIC message board and that since i posted it in the board that it was subject to be responded to by anybody!?