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Topic subjectthat is not what I read.
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31830, that is not what I read.
Posted by suave_bro, Sat Mar-12-05 01:02 PM
A) the shit happens to me all of the time when people ask me questions and one of my fans says "oh he is an idiot dont bother he wont respond he always blah blah blah" and has been going on for years...in the TOS i gathered that if you got in a debate/argument and made the fight your own that is worth deleting. you asked him a question and i turned around and asked YOU a question. i dont see that as the same thing. nor is this a combative dialogue as its explained in the TOS...

B) also in the TOS it says that if somebody doesn't agree with a topic that they should just move on and ignore it. why cant this be applied to your viewpoints on SWIPES? surely u wont argue that these boards move just as fast as GD and when somebody posts a "swipe" that it pushes more important topics to the 2nd page...