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Topic subjecti post swipes often-
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31822, i post swipes often-
Posted by rawsouthpaw, Fri Mar-11-05 11:22 PM
and i try to kick some insight and opinion to build with as well to accompany them. i'm not a mod but i'm around here daily and i don't see why further regulation is needed. a breaking news post would be waaay too cluttered people think about it.

someone else said the ones that don't resonate or move people will drop out of sight anyway (or get deleted due to repetition). i'd rather people let them die or live through replies than some other kind of control method.



''Ang hindi marunong lumingon
sa pinanggalingan, hindi
makakarating sa
pinaroroonan.'' Those who
cannot see where they came
from will never get to where
they are