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31820, Here’s a list to start with…
Posted by akon, Fri Mar-11-05 10:56 PM
(and some of these are interesting actually, but some comments on what conclusions the author drew, or why anyone should read the article, or even how its an activist related article, would’ve complemented the article)

“cause for a celebration?"
"Obama offended by Bush Social Security pitch to Blacks"
Dems race to the right continues
Feds probe hip-hop industry (swipe)
Harold Ford will seek to become second Black Senator in 2006
FBI Ends Probe Into Murder of Notorious B.I.G.
'Knowledge Fades As Africa Languages Die'
The FBI's War Against Black America (download video)
Donna Brazile Sounds the Alarm
Did Marcus Garvey arrange assassination of rival?
Black girls overtake white boys
Germans force French city to take down anti-Nazi sign
Right wing newspaper calls for Chavez 2 be assasinated.
"George Bush's Wahhabis (swipe)"
Keith Boykin: farrakhan, homophobia & tavis smiley forum
NPR on 50 and Game (Common, Most and Roots mentioned)
"A Fireside Chat with Stanley Crouch"