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Topic subjectclear this up for me...
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31816, clear this up for me...
Posted by tonywashington, Sun Mar-13-05 01:46 AM
you want to keep swipes.

you think if a person doesn't want to read it they should move on.

if we keep swipes and anybody can post anything without any really thought behind it, ecspecially with this new format where things can stick around forever, this will mean we will have pages and pages of stuff. in turn this will make our one real mods job twice as hard having to go through all these post to see if an article is worth keeping or not. wouldn't it make more sense to have a breaking news anchor of sorts or even more then one where those swipes all can go in one place? we really need to think hard about this because in the end what ever we decide the mods will have to execute and remember we only have one good mod. so are we going to make his job hard or easy?