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31814, RE: Laissez Faire
Posted by akon, Fri Mar-11-05 09:52 PM
>If someone posts an article that nobody wants to talk about,
>it will fall.
>If it stays up, then obviously it was something people wanted
>to talk about, so let it go.

True but it can't be too much to ask that the person who posts the article actually express their thoughts on it. Or put up comments to direct or lead to a discussion. Kinda like when you read a book and want others to talk about it, you (hopefully) wont merely post a description and leave it at that. but you'll actually point out interesting aspects of the book (read article), your thoughts, how it applies to some stuff, why its (activist) related, why i should make an effort to read it, how it applies to life or whatever, etc etc. insteada just posting an article on, hey, look what i read' type ish. That's just lazy, (i think.)