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Topic subjectWell, it's not about that. That isn't what is at the core here.
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31813, Well, it's not about that. That isn't what is at the core here.
Posted by FireBrand, Fri Mar-11-05 09:27 PM
Posting articles with no real thought express cultivates an atmosphere where folk drop off articles and half thought out arguments.

In the past, and hopefully in the near future posts took thought. I know that personally I'd take maybe a few hours and put together some readings, research or such the like before posting or I've also posted pointed questions that would promote real debate.

Sure these issues might have been inspired by a book, or an article but the ideas were mine. This promoted real dialogue instead of a defensive/offensive stance that you have when you post an article and folk are forced to take sides on it.

It's not the same. When you post articles it's like a half assed atttempt at proving you have some level of undertanding.

It's lazy.

It's pathetic

and it hurts the boards IMO.

Now, I'ma always clown, but I'll leave it up to you on whether they stay or go. so far it's 2-2...we'll see how it goes.

Some folk have responded but have yet to say whether they want them to stay or go.

Clearly SOMETHING has to be done, cus these google philophes are getting ridiculous.

Search engines do not a thinker make.


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