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Topic subjectSwipe is an article if I'm not mistaken,
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31803, Swipe is an article if I'm not mistaken,
Posted by FireBrand, Fri Mar-11-05 06:53 PM
The intial post on "ENERGY" is a statment SUPPORTED by an article. Many of the posts afterwards are similar- the ones that are not happen to be reposts from an archived post and need no introduction statement (or so I thought at the time- maybe I should have been more clear on that, but heinsight is 20/20)

The documents submitted were not my arguement- in fact there was alot of data in them that could be used AGAINST my argument. They were there simply to provide a background- perspective for the unfamiliar layperson.

That said, AGAIN- in this thread's original post you have IGNORED the fact that I QUALIFIED this statement here:

"Ya'll know how I feel about them- if there is no dialogue being built around them I think they shouldn't even be here, but that's not in the guidelines so deleting them wouldn't be kosher."


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