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Topic subjectRE: that is very true, but then wouldn't that be a bit elitist?
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31788, RE: that is very true, but then wouldn't that be a bit elitist?
Posted by Kozmikblak, Wed Oct-12-05 09:26 AM
>I am aware that MANY people have no problem with that, but
>this is a chance for EVERYONE to have a voice and to share
>that voice. This wouldn't limit that to some degree?

I think you the anchoring idea is good. Anchor what you see as credible. Let the rest just be. With the exception of those that violate the rules that are already established.

I have no problem with hunches being posted, even thosed posted at fact. There is always a decenting view that is express. I like to come here and get different pov's of world events and such. Helps to get a sense of the bigger picture. Everything isn't as cut and dry as made to seem or as elaborately complex as some think. The prsentation of both I believe is necessary.

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