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Topic subjectRE: Does that seem pragmatic? Isn't that what google is for? nm
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31784, RE: Does that seem pragmatic? Isn't that what google is for? nm
Posted by moot_point, Wed Oct-12-05 08:55 AM
Well, it depends what results you are actually looking for...

What do you mean?

I don't mind folks presenting hunches as hunches, but presenting these hunches as 'truth' and dropping several a week, only serves to clutter the boards and lessen the credibility of the board itself.

I mean, I think BrokenChains is a brilliant poster, even if I rarely agree with his pov. He brings academic clout to the boards, and yet he doesn't post much now. (I realize I haven't been here that long but I've noticed it in this short period). I don't even seem to see many posts from you these days. And there are other great posters - it would be inappropriate to name them all - but those too now rarely post.

I don't envy your job and I appreciate you do a good one, but a board like this which enjoys international access has incredible potential and ultimately I don't think its fulfilling that at present.