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Topic subjectAs a so-called Charter Member
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31767, As a so-called Charter Member
Posted by Nettrice, Wed Aug-31-05 02:24 AM
...like I get benefits or some ish. :)


>*First off, how do you feel about Activist as it stands NOW?

Not very interesting or engaging intellectually or activating in any way. I get the news from other sources...don't need it repeated unless it is to start a dialog.

>*Has it gotten better or worse in the past few months, if so
>how and why?


>*What would you like to see more of?

Not sure.

>*What would you like to see less of?

Platforms, positions, ideology, rhetoric. I am tired of it.

>*How has the moderation disappointed you, or pleased you?


>*How has the discussions on the board dissappointed you, or
>pleased you?

See above.

>*What policies do you think would be beneficial?

Nothing but more critical thinking and intelligent dialogue would be interesting to me.