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Posted by sonnyredd, Wed Aug-31-05 02:41 PM
Your question, and your previous comment, reflect a frustration that I think is shared both here, and the macro-level.

Those 'vets' feel that they need not prove themselves, while us newbees challenge all ideas with equal vigor.

Yet, heavy is the head that wears the crown. Teach and live by example, and your numbers will grow. We are all succeptable to a cogent argument. And even the most subborn of our lot will conceade a losing argument.

HOWEVER- resorting to mere name calling, 'uncle tom' accusations, and the like, garner neither respect nor admiration. If we should 'blame whitey' explain why. If socialisim is king, be prepared to defend it.

Personally, I wouldn't know a vet from Erica Badu from a Mod ('ok' notwithstanding), but I know that no one's ideas or thoughts, if intelligently considered, is any better or worse than anyone else's here. We play in a highly theoretical sandbox of politics, socialogy, economics and religion/metaphysics. Each one contains few axioms, and as a result, none of us here are any more or less qualified to render an opinion. Nor should any of us be surprised when the flaws in our opinions are exposed. I show respect, but I offer equal respect to all participants. Sorry.