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Topic subjectAiight y'all. Time to revist the house rules in Activist.
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31756, Aiight y'all. Time to revist the house rules in Activist.
Posted by FireBrand, Tue Aug-30-05 08:22 PM
So far we've tweaked the rules a little bit as it pertains to swipes, post redundancy, personal attacks, etc.

*First off, how do you feel about Activist as it stands NOW?

*Has it gotten better or worse in the past few months, if so how and why?

*What would you like to see more of?

*What would you like to see less of?

*How has the moderation disappointed you, or pleased you?

*How has the discussions on the board dissappointed you, or pleased you?

*What policies do you think would be beneficial?

*What policies have been weak, or to stronghanded?

Holla back. This is ya'lls forum. We only here to help keep it str8.

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