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31572, just posted this in GD
Posted by LexM, Fri Sep-16-05 09:11 AM
"feminine power: destructive & constructive"

wherever you find traditions that do not deny the feminine divine, you'll most likely find myths/stories/representations of both the destructive/death mother and the nuturing mother/love goddess.

kali vs. shakti is one of the clearest examples of this:


"Skulls, cemeteries, and blood are associated with her worship. She is black and emaciated. Her face is azure, streaked with yellow, her glance is ferocious; her disheveled and bristly hair is usually shown splayed and spread like the tail of a peacock and sometimes braided with green serpents. She wears a long necklace (descending almost to her knees) of human skulls. She may be shown wearing a girdle of severed arms. Children's corpses as earrings (likeliest representing natural infant mortality and childhood mortality from causes such as disease), and cobras as bracelets or garlands add to her terrifying adornments. Her purple lips are often shown streaming with blood; her tusk-like teeth descend over her lower lip; and her tongue lolls out. She is often shown standing on the inert form of her consort, Shiva. She is sometimes accompanied by she-demons. Her four arms hold weapons or the severed head of a demon: these objects symbolize both her creative and her destructive power, for Kali personifies the ambivalence of deity, which manifests itself, according to Indian tradition, in the unceasing cycle of life and death, creation and destruction."

in other words, women have been widely seen/acknowledged as both bearers of life and death. we bear/raise children and see our spouses thru their last illnesses.

when funerals happen, who gathers around to cook and care for the grieving and dress the dead? all around the world, it is overwhelmingly the women.

what she creates (the home, love, babies, etc.), she can also destroy--literally and figuratively.

hell hath no fury....where do you think that *really* comes from?

we have sharp tongues, soft arms, killer looks and killer figures.

and you're trying to tell me that the whole debate about abortion in western society--a society based on groups who were, historically speaking, among the *first* to lose respect for the divine feminine--has nothing to do with misogyny, control, and the idea of repressing the memory/knowledge/use of this power?


call me crazy. i could give a fuck.
this'll drop like a stone anyway.