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Topic subjectthat is dope.
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31552, that is dope.
Posted by LexM, Wed Aug-24-05 08:31 AM
>Osumare is a python with locs...the rainbow is her locs she
>is often considered to be the child of Nana Buruku along with
>she is female 6 months of the year and male 6 months of the
>year and in some houses she is considered to be an ancient
>road of Oshun
>Aiedo Wedo is from the Fon pantheon of deities...she is a
>python and the rainbow is her body...she is the deities whose
>nams have been forgotten
>her husband Damballah Wedo is also a python and he is
>white...he is the ancestors whose names have been forgotten
>they exist entwined with each other and wrapped around the
>earth...they keep the atmosphere attached to the planet

i love hearing how the ancestors made sense of the world...

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