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31477, recommended reading...
Posted by serpentinefire, Mon Aug-29-05 04:58 PM
When God Was a Woman...Merlin Stone

Excellent read...kind of dense...but lovely...i followed it up with

Ishmael by Daniel Quinn GOOD BUSINESS

Osun Across the Waters

Black Gods...John Mason (actually anything that he writes is wonderful...i just purchase his stuff automatically) he's very thorough...

this is always the first book that i recommend to people who are interested in the religion

Okp Oshunschile is a priestess of Oshuna and she's recently written a book that is FABULOUS...hit my inbox if you're interested in getting a copy...she doesn't check her inbox that often...

Fatunbi has a set of small books on the orisa that i have found helpful...they're about 5 bucks each

and Audre Lorde's essay on the Erotic as Power...


Love...it is just friendship on fire.

--some dude in a lifetime movie