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Topic subjecti think it depends on who you're asking...
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31460, i think it depends on who you're asking...
Posted by serpentinefire, Mon Aug-22-05 03:40 PM
if you ask people in Oya's town who Sango's favorite wife is they're gonna say Oya...if you ask people in Osogbo who Sango's favorite wife is they're gonna say Osun

usually when you read or hear about rivalry between the wives of Oba Koso (Sango) it is Osun and Oya teaming up against Sango's first wife Oba...

Oya won Sango with her grace and charm, it is she who wears pants and puts on a beard and rides with him into war. She is the one who gave him lightning and fire...so "all of the things that make Sango fly came from a woman" --Iya Osunyemi Akalatunde

and it is worth noting that Oya was Oba (ruler) in her own right before she met Sango...

We were taught in my house that Osun's perfect counterpart is Sango (Yemoja's perfect counterpart is Ogun)

A good case can probably be made for either of them tho

Osun rules feminity, female sexuality/sensuality and the female reproductive organs, and she is the erotic impulse to come together, and the act of copulation itself

Sango rules masculinity, male sexuality/sensuality, and the male reproductive organs, he is the wrath of the oppressed, considered to be the ultimate father and husband

so Osun is the impluse to create and Sango is the drive to protect that which has been created...

as for children of Osun and Oya not getting along...i haven't seen that to be the case for me...or any of my friends...and if you examine the relationships between children of co-wives...usually the children of one call the other Mother as well or at least Auntie...

i personally LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Oya...she has always been the loving but stern auntie that won't let me get away with any nonsense.

and for another sisterfriend of mine (also a child of Osun) Oya is the indulgent auntie who slips her candy when her momma said she couldn't have any.

-ramble over-


Love...it is just friendship on fire.

--some dude in a lifetime movie