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Topic subjectRE: Perhaps but there is a reason why Jews don't believe you...
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31422, RE: Perhaps but there is a reason why Jews don't believe you...
Posted by 2real, Fri Aug-26-05 12:00 PM
The only thing I have with Hebrew Israelites is that it focuses on Blacks as being Israelites only. Ephraim has been dispersed into the world, into all nations. The trans atlantic slave trade dealt with Judah primarily with some other tribes intermingled along with some Gentile Blacks. Judah and Ephraim when reunited will appear as the multitude of people from all nations as described in Revelation. Folk commonly misinterpret that multitude as being a whole bunch of Gentiles, not true. Abraham, Isaac, and Israel's SEED has been promised to be countless. God's Word is unchanging, and YAH never goes back on His Promises.

If you are a child of YAH you are a child of Israel, literally. "and in your seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed." Genesis twentysix:four.


YAHshua means YAH is Salvation. Only through HIS blood are we made presentable.