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Topic subjectRE: there is a huge point.. there is a disconnect in the Bible...
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31383, RE: there is a huge point.. there is a disconnect in the Bible...
Posted by 2real, Wed Aug-24-05 11:14 AM
God is balanced. "He" contains the male and the female, for He both initiates and manifests. He destroys and bonds. Ab is the root in Hebrew for Father Em for Mother. Ab also is the root for anything that deals with destruction. Em is the root for Emmah which means to bond bring
together, also cubit (which is what our Father builds with).

God is balanced.
His wrath his hard and quick.
His compassion is deep and patient.
The picture painted in the Old Testament shows alot of wrath (it also covers a greater number of years)
The New Testament shows a lot of compassion.
The Balance is maintained.

No one can discipline like a Father.
No one can love like a Mother.
It is psychological. If you call God Mother you are not going to fear as much as if you were to call God Father. That's just the way it is I dont care how strong or stern the Black single mother is (anyone without a father knows) you just dont fear that woman the same as you would (and oft times do) fear a man. We as humans dont fear God anyway. Why? B/c we think were all going to heaven, that God is too compassionate, "He" loves us all. Now tell me which characteristic are we thinking about when we say those things? Its not the Fatherly side. And this is not to say women are weak, please believe me when I tell you that they are spiritually stronger than a man is (and that's the strength that counts) so I hope I am not coming off sexist. But please, react and respond.


YAHshua means YAH is Salvation. Only through HIS blood are we made presentable.