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Posted by 2real, Tue Aug-23-05 10:28 AM
This conversation could really go on for as long as we want it to. I am not saying that we shouldnt be knowledgable of YAHweh or that we do not have a responsibility to know YAHweh as YAHweh, personally I believe there will be a time when ever one on earth will be calling YAH that. I am only saying that the spiritual comes first, and I hope folk here are in agreeance with that. I do have to disagree with the statement that salvation is in the name only because I know that a person can serve and give his/her life to YAHweh before they know his "name." And I will still hold to my earlier statement that names are limiting things. Different characterstics come along with different names. Going back to "words of power," different sounds bring forth different "powers." A picture is worth a thousand words. Why? B/c are words are limited, and are in a constant state of trying to show something. If there are things in this earth that we have described as being beyond words, I am most certain that YAHweh is.