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Topic subjectThe trouble with this.
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31361, The trouble with this.
Posted by Kozmikblak, Mon Aug-22-05 06:09 PM
>PS I've been in many places and have been called "Mister, Sir,
>Senor, Father Brother Son, Daddy, Dada, Bro, Director etc.
>(and if you notice these are titles/positions, not
>names/aliases/nicknames/monikers) I should not have used
>monikers in an earlier post. It has already been stated in
>this room that God, Allah, The Almighty, Lord, are all titles
>NOT NAMES. So no one is calling HIM outside of HIS name as you
>claim they are.
You are absolutely correct when stating that these are titles. The problem arises due to the fact that are titles,general titles at that, and can be applied to any god or gods. Just as daddy, mister and the rest of your list can be applied to any person of male gender. The point is how do you KNOW to WHOM or WHAT you are giving worship to. A name has nothing to due with putting something in a box or trying to contain that which cannot be contained. Names do not Lend to limitations. If anything titles do more to limit something.

Is it not in the scriptures that up to seth man actually conversed with god? A name identifies. It tells specifically who you are referring to. If you yell out hey mister in a crowd of men how many do you think will turn around to? By your logic only the one TRUE mister will answer to this call.

According to scripture god is a jealous god and as you said his wrath is quick. Do you really want to take the chance of god not knowing you really mean him.

To me, the hiding of gods name, the superstitioun arising to not speak the name of the one creator, does more to purposely decieving man to seperate man from the creator. Doesn't the scripture speak of the devil and it's seeds emnity to man and his. Also the devil's intent to lead man astray. What better way than to trick man to worship that which man knows not? How better to do that than to replace the Unique name of god and replace it with vague titles and other manner of confusion.

The question posed is not a light one.

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