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Topic subjectRE: Why don't Christians have a name for their God?
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31350, RE: Why don't Christians have a name for their God?
Posted by hankmcoy, Fri Aug-19-05 02:38 PM
First of all I appreciate all of you're explanations, you all tried your best but I will tell you all the truth cut and dry. First all our life or the most popular thing or "cliche" thing to say is you can call him(god) what you want or "he has many names. Well just cause you've been taught something all your life doesn't make it true or just plain bull*$@#@. God correctly has only one name which is Yahweh. (how many names do you have?) (will or would you let anyone call you anything they wanted to?) If you from the street, or know anything about street knowledge, you know you are not gonna let anybody call you what they want to. Just as anal as we are and quick to become pissed about someone not calling us our correct name, how pissed do you think the creator of the heavens and earths, the one who but the very breath in your lungs feels.(something to think about). But I get ignorant people that say "thats the old Hewbrew name" My question is what is your old name? LOL the religous world is so steeped in ignorance. You know if I go to China, Russia, Mexico, does my name change from Jhon to Robert.F*$%#$ no. A name is universal. Espically the name of Yahweh. Sad to say when people don't know something they make up the truth which is a dumb lie. I AM is not a name, Lord is not a name, God is not a name. If so write your rent check out and label it to: "The land lord". People try to separate what is in the old teasament from the new teastament. LOL wrong again. The new teastament is always telling you to refer back to the old teastament. Jesus is a name but it is an incorrect name. IF the bible was translated from Hebrew to Latin to Greek, at least one of those languages should have a letter J in them right? Well none of those have the letter J in there languege till this day. Oh and before I hear that cop out "about you can call him what you want". Everyone has seen the passion of the Christ, (oh yea please tell me a point in the movie were they said Jesus).....They said Yahshua. This motha*$#$@$## took a beating like no one will ever in history be able to take, and died for our sins (so to speak) and all people or the Christians and Catholics say you can call him what you want.LOL wwhhhhheeewwww......My my my somebodys gonna be pissed. Any questions feel free to ask me, I'll tell you the truth for free or you can pay your preacher for a lie.