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31341, PEACE
Posted by 2real, Fri Aug-19-05 02:01 PM
We know that there are no YHVH in the NT LXX text and it is perfectly fine because Gods name is unspeakable and no one here seems to understand that. It does not matter what you call HIM as long as you are calling. Theos, Almighty, Allah, Supreme Creator Being, I AM that I AM, it does not matter. The very root of this conversation is why there are so many different denominations, religions, beliefs, etc. That root being mans desire to know something he has no business knowing. Anything that attempts to BOX GOD is of THE ENEMY i.e. Trinity Doctrine, Kabbalah, etc. It is not our business to NAME GOD. WHEN MOSES ASKED GOD WHO SENT HIM. GOD DID NOT GIVE HIM HIS NAME HE GAVE HIM A MONIKER and My Lord has many, Praise be unto HIM Only two things matter. There is ONE God and there is ONE SACRIFICE for all. The ethiopian bible is the oldest, it stems from LXX, it has 81 books, and it has not been translated EVER into English. E V E R. Curious? Me Tink So. NO ONE IN THIS BOARD CAN SAY THAT YAHSHUA DID NOT USE LXX. google it.
YAHshua means YAH is Salvation. Only through HIS blood are we made presentable.