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Topic subjectRE: Actually, you are still incorrect
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31333, RE: Actually, you are still incorrect
Posted by osoclasi, Fri Aug-19-05 04:11 PM

>When it came to God's name, instead of putting the proper
>vowel signs around it, in most cases they put other vowel
>signs to remind the reader that he should say 'Adho·nai'. From
>this came the spelling Iehouah, and, eventually, Jehovah
>became the accepted pronunciation of the divine name in
>English. This retains the essential elements of God's name
>from the Hebrew original.

Response: This part right here is incorrect. Notice your article says they should say "ADONAI." which is the QERE. The problem here is that you cannot mix the Ketiv/Qere. For one is actually what is written and the other is actually what is said. Jehovah is a mix of the two and therefore is a made up word.

For example Exodus 3:15

vayomer `od elohim el-mosheh coh-ho'amer el b'ney Yishrael YHWH elohey avoteychem...

YHWH here is still YHWH, there is no Jehovah here. Now it is pronounced ADONAI, and what happened is that someone confused the Ketiv/Qere improperly,and combined the vowels of the QERE with the consanants of the KETIV which is improper because you can't mix two.

So, as my lexicon stated Jehovah is a mistranslation, because you can't mix the two.