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Topic subjectJEHOVAH is not quite right
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31331, JEHOVAH is not quite right
Posted by osoclasi, Fri Aug-19-05 02:37 PM
Well, if you are familiar with Biblical Hebrew, there is such a thing called the KETIV vs QERE .

What happens is there are scribal errors in the biblical text, or variant traditions which the Masoretes wished to preserve. In these cases, the desired pronunciation is noted in the margin or footnote.

So, in regards to YHWH, since this name was not spoken, even though it was written down,when a person would come to YHWH, it was pronounced as ADONAI. (QERE)

The word JEHOVAH is an improper mixing of the KETIV/QERE what happened is the consanants of YHWH were mixed with the vowels of ADONAI .

So you get Y-A-H-O-V-A-H. Which is basically a bad use of Hebrew. Here is what the Hebrew and Aramiac Lexicon of the Old Testament says...

" Jehovah, wrong pronunciation, improperly mixing Ketiv and Qere, generally used since ca. 1500; first reference in 1381 (Eissfeldt KL. Schr 1:167)"

I don't mind people using Jehovah, since it is so popular, but I cringe whenever I hear it.