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Topic subjectThe name is YHWH
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31326, The name is YHWH
Posted by osoclasi, Fri Aug-19-05 10:02 AM
We Christians accept the OT name of YHWH, the problem is that somewhere in the 2nd century the divine name was no longer pronounced.

Because Jews at that time were afraid of taking the name of God in vein, in light of the 10 commandments.

There became a distinction between what was written (KETIV) and what was spoken.(QERE) So whenever one would come to the written, YHWH (KETIV) in the text, they would pronounce ADONAI(QERE) instead. Adonai, means Lord.

That being the case, the divine name was replaced with KURIOS (Lord) in the New Testament. Simply based upon the QERE of the name YHWH. Since it was no longer pronounced.

And if someone wants to try to bring up that LXX theory of the divine name being taken out, just remember that there are no NT manuscripts with the name YHWH in the text.

And lastly, Jehovah is a bad translation of YHWH. I can explain that one later as well.