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Topic subjectRE: Why dont muslims have a name for their God.
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31322, RE: Why dont muslims have a name for their God.
Posted by ISLAMATRON, Tue Aug-23-05 02:49 PM
>That is a good question. I would like clarity on this also.
>Maybe its something in the Koran? I know Islam eventually came
>from Hebrew Ishmaelites but the name was eventually given to
>Hebrew Israelites (Moses).If I have my facts in order.

Muslims DO have a name for "their God", it is Allah(swt), and no it is not just simply a word that translates to "god". Allah(swt) is best translated to "the Diety" but it is in no way limited by that latin word. The word "Allah" is absolutely singular, so unlike the word "god" it has no plural form and it does not have a gender either. Allah(swt) is what the beloved Prophet Muhammad (May Allah's Mercy and Blessings be upon him)was instructed to call mankind's Lord and Creator. The word "Allah" is more than just a word that translates to "the God" but also a proper name referring to the Unique Entity that gave existance to all that which is seen and unseen.

I have no idea what you talking bout with all this Hebrew Ishmaelites/
Hebrew Israelites stuff... please clarify

In regards to the original topic of the name christians have or should have for their creator, The name Issa ibn Maryum (Jesus son of Mary)(May Allah's Mercy and Blessings be upon them both) probably used was an Aramaic word not found in the bible which was formulated in Greek. In fact if you listen really carefully in that horrible movie THE PASSION of the CHRIST, you can hear that when referring to "God" the actor uses a word very similar to "Allah".