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Topic subjectRE: First off... Hebrew is a language...
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31319, RE: First off... Hebrew is a language...
Posted by BlakRenaissance, Fri Aug-19-05 08:07 AM
OK....Now I got you. You know akh a lot of confusion would be cleared up if we (Black People) started lookin' at that book through the eyes of what they truly are (Hebrews). And not lookin' at it through Gentile eyes (Europeans). How would you know if you are a Hebrew, Yah said in Deuteronomy 28:46 that the curses from verse 15-68 would let you know you are these people. Because you notice most our people (in Christianity) always go to the LETTERS that Paul wrote to Gentiles instead of the SCRIPTURES what YAH gave to us (Black People). What do you think. Shalom.

P.S. For all people thinking I'm anti-semetic (a made up word), for calling Europeans Gentiles, I didnt say it, YAH did, Genesis 10:2-5. Put those names in ANY search on the net and it will give you their descendants. Some of those European Jew-ish people still call theselves Ashkenazi also, AINT THAT A TRIP.