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Topic subjectRE: Jesus wasn't Jewish... Jewish means 'Kind of Jew'
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31296, RE: Jesus wasn't Jewish... Jewish means 'Kind of Jew'
Posted by 2real, Thu Aug-18-05 11:25 AM
Jesus was a Jew.
According to the old and new testament Jew refers to those of the tribe of "Jew"dah. According to man a Jew is what you see on TV today practicing Judaism. We have to clearly define what we are talking about. Of course the Bibles we read are translated by who knows who. The "Jew" that is put in the Bible should probably read something like Jehudite/Judean, which Jesus (JAHshua) was. So to close Jesus was a Jew? Yes and No. (the Enemy is confusion/Babel/Babylon/Baal)

PS Why do you say Hebrews/Israelites were born in Ethiopia?