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Posted by 2real, Wed Aug-17-05 09:50 PM
YHVH first appears on the tombs of Egypt. Hebrews/Israelites were born in Egypt remember. it representing Gods nature is correct. Egyptians were God's people (Isaiah 19:25) before they corrupted his nature (Romans 1:19 -26) hence YHVH had to bring forth a new people (Israel) which is divided to this very day as Judah and Ephraim, and will soon be reunited.

Also I think what needs to be understood here is that any believing Christian (true "christian" is of the seed of Israel both physically and spiritually) so there is no seperation between "Judaism and Christianity" it is the same faith. THe Jewish religion of today is a creation of what Jahshua (Jesus) calls "the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan." Revelation 2:9 (why is this smiley face here? REV two and nine)

Please do not take offense. That statement is directed more to the heads of political states and media monopolies.

And this is not to say that Jewish people today are not at all Jewish because Israel today is a mixed population and racism against darker Jews is very prevalent.

I might have said too much. Yall might not be ready for that yet.