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Topic subjectRE: His name, what is it in the NT and where is it located?
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31280, RE: His name, what is it in the NT and where is it located?
Posted by LadySoulflower, Fri Aug-26-05 03:00 PM
gotta love Harper's Dictionary:
partial swipe from: http://www.bibletexts.com/glossary/names-of-god-nt.htm

Lord: In the OT , the chief title and representative name for God was the individual and personal name ‘Yahweh,’ translated kyrios (Gk., ‘Lord’) in the LXX and ‘the Lord‘ by several English versions. This name was used by OT authors more than 6,000 times, compared to about 2,500 times for elohim, ‘God.’ The NT continues to use ‘Lord’ for God (about 100 times), primarily in quotations from the LXX (e.g., Mark 1:3; 12:11; Acts 2:34) and in set phrases such as ‘hand of the Lord’ (Luke 1:66). The vast majority of the 719 occurrences of kyrios (‘Lord’) in the NT refers to Jesus, however, usually as the exalted Christ (e.g., Acts 2:36; John 20:28). Thus, the two most common OT names for deity, ‘God’ and ‘Lord,’ are used in the NT not only for God but also (though rarely in the case of the word ‘God’) for Jesus as the exalted Lord of the church’s faith. A much less common word for ‘Lord’ in the LXX, despoteµs (Gk., ‘lord,’ ‘sovereign,’ ‘master’) is also used in the NT both for God (Luke 2:29; Acts 4:24; Rev. 6:10) and for Christ (Jude 4; 2 Pet. 2:1).

i don't think i've posted any new info on here, so you may not be satisfied by this. but basically, out of respect, YHWH (hebrew) gets translated into kyrios in greek (the language of NT times) & then to Lord in english. and since Jesus = 100% man & 100% God, the term also applies to Him. does that help?

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