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Topic subjectRE: No he doesn't have a name
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31275, RE: No he doesn't have a name
Posted by SEROTONIN, Thu Aug-18-05 03:32 PM
I was thinking about this just today. Take the term "original man", if you beleive the African is the original man, then that traces us back to Adam and Eve (as anthropology is tracing us further back to, Lucy and such) and having been kicked out of the garden we have since been split between continents, enslaved by every race including our own. On the other hand the Jews are God's chosen people and thus have overcome various trials in their own right and have still prospered. So in one hand the original man theory may be more right then we have commited to thinking about and why we continue to find such hardship because we truly were banished from the garden and the chosen people have had such prosperity....use Akham's Razor on this one.