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Topic subjectRE: But you saying it don't mean nothing. Prove it.
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31272, RE: But you saying it don't mean nothing. Prove it.
Posted by 2real, Thu Aug-18-05 01:47 PM
The new testament uses the word "theos" the old testament also uses the word "theos" in reference to God. You may be wondering how that is, the Septuagint Bible is the one Jesus (Yahshua) used. That is a fact. The Septuatgint Bible is not what we use today. There is not one bible in print that translates from the Septuagint. Why? The Devil. The one english version we have is done by a racist named Brenton who used an inferior translating method.
The Septuagint and the New Testament are both written in Greek. Greek being the main language of the times, God used the language most used by people to help preserve His word, BUT our language has been confused since Babel so for anyone to think they ever knew Gods name is hilarious. We as humans need labels and images as stated before. Our main flaw as humans is our desire to know (tree of knowledge of good and evil) Trying to figure out God is an endless convo like i said before. If we get hung up in why isnt this name here and that name there. that is confusion, and we must steer from it. The main thing is the spirit. As long as we acknowledge the ONE who created us, and realize that we can only come to Him through the ONE He has sent, YAHSHUA, then everyting will be alright:)

As far as the lineage goes it is just a matter of tracing history. The Bible tells us that Ephraim will be given to the Gentiles (Hos 7:8 & 8:8). Which means that ten tribes of Israel have mixed intamently with several nations of the earth, and they have b/c all we see in the NT is JEWS/JUDEANS/JUDAHITES there are no traces of the other ten tribes. Judah and Ben stayed around the land of Israel after the house split. Like I stated before the JUDEANS were kicked out by the Romans around 70 AD alot of them fled to Egypt. From Egypt they were pushed towards the West Coast of Africa by Islam. The prophecies in Deuteronomy (28:37,63,68) tell us what happens to the elect when they are disobedient. Deuteronomy 30:1-4 states the promise. Hebrewisms of West Africa is written by a racist white guy around 1920. I dont mean to say that ALL Blacks are Israelites obviously not, however a descent amount are. A close reading of the scripture shows that Abrahams seed is blessed. This seeds is the Word that travels from Abraham to Isaac to Judah to David to Solomon to Joseph (Yahshua's father) and then the passing stops. God does not allow Joseph to put his seed in Mary. HE intervenes and brings forth YAHshua. Since Israel is in such a scattered state the only way to for God to gather them is through spirit. It is no longer physical (even though it is) every spiritual truth has a physical manifestation. IN the old testament there was an emphasis on the Physical traditions but it was worthless w/out the Spirit. The Spiritual is now what is emphasized however the knowledge of our physical lineage is not worthless. The Kebra Negast is good reading also.

Please respond this is good conversation.

JAHshua means JAHovah is Salvation. Only through HIS blood are we made presentable.