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Topic subjectRE: But you do that already... that's where the name GOD comes in...
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31264, RE: But you do that already... that's where the name GOD comes in...
Posted by Kozmikblak, Thu Aug-18-05 09:27 AM
>that could never explain the power and majesty... but you
>still use it to identify. YOU may not have a name for the
>Bowl... but you still call it a Bowl right?

Right. I call it bowl in my language you call the same object cola in yours. A common object between the both of us which would require translation for some type of communication between us. Now I on the other hand am the only me there is. There is no me where you are from, no you where I am from. Why would there be a need or how would it be possible to translate your name to my language or mine to yours?

Hence god is unique. Why would anyone translate THEE NAME of god to any language? It can only bring about confusion as to who or what you are worshiping. When christian missionaries take the word to natives in remote areas of the world today do they translate the name Jesus to the natives tongue?


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