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Topic subjectRE: No he doesn't have a name
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31261, RE: No he doesn't have a name
Posted by 2real, Wed Aug-17-05 04:28 PM
G-d is nameless.
Yes and No.

There is only name that was revealed to man by "G-d" this name is the YHVH sometimes translated as Yahweh, more accuratley translated as Yahovah. Jesus name is Yahshua (Yahovah is salvation) which can be translated as Jahshua (Joshua) which is translated into Greek as Jesus. Yahovah is translated to mean I AM that I AM or He/She is He/She was and will be.

On the other hand, "G-d" is beyond identification by our finite minds so this conversation can truly be an endless one.

Peace and Love
A response to an earlier post.
Black people are Hebrew, more specifically, are Israelites, more specifically, are the tribe of Judah, who were the Jews that were talked of in the New Testament. That later ran away from Roman persecution in the 70 AD into Egypt (Africa) who ran away again from the hands of Muslims into the West Coast of Africa (who are still brutally enslaving Africans to this very day) Have you ever wondered why the hedge of protection that God gives has been lifted (ala Job) and Black people have been in persecution for a millenia? It must be deeper than the color of our skin. When we are restored Yahshua/JAHshua/Jesus will return as KING.

Peace, Love, and Gods blessing be upon you all