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Topic subjectokay great lead.. although the Sun does have a scientific name..
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31247, okay great lead.. although the Sun does have a scientific name..
Posted by AquamansWrath, Wed Aug-17-05 04:14 PM
however... great response. Now... here's the question beyond that question... casuse that's not quite the answer I was searching for.
If this is true... then how could Christians dissect the Old Testament and yet still read it? Pulling out pieces? In other words.. the ten commandments... versus say the other 100 or so commandments listed in the Bible? Also, another reason why I don't particularly agree is cause Muslims believe that God told the prophet Mohammed to call him Allah.
Same thing with a few of the others...
Ironically when you bring up the Sun...
and they call Christ the Sun... considering the Egyptians were Sun worshippers... well you see where I'm going.
But please... beyond this...which was a great response...
Christians.. Bible Scholars... lend me your skittle colored suits...
what do you call your God in the New Testament?