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31223, RE: Old Testament... that's Judaism... Hebrew...
Posted by BlakRenaissance, Tue Aug-16-05 09:53 AM
There seems to be alot of confusion here...let me explain (also dont talk sh@t until u look it up,hell you already on the computer) The letter J has only been around for 500 years, so that automatically takes away the names Jehovah and Jesus, also in the HEBREW his name is YHWH (I AM THAT I AM) pronounced YH(yah)WH(wah),he said in Exodus 3:15 that was his name FOREVER and a MEMORIAL. You cannot translate a name(think about it, when Chinese people talk they will talk in their tounge, until they get to an American name, they say the name in American. You cannot traslate a name.) The name JEHOVAH was made up in the year 1520 (look it up).Judaism is a religion practiced by Jewish people. THAT IS NOT WHATS IN THE BIBLE!!! WHAT IS IN THE BIBLE IS A CULTURE GIVEN BY A CREATOR TO A PEOPLE (ISRAEL). A Jew was a term made up by men in the last few centuries. There is a big difference in a Jew-ish person and a HEBREW. You will never here a Jew call him self an Israelite. Read Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 for yourself. There is no difference in the so called Old Testement and the so called New Testement, it is ONE BOOK, THE HISTORY ABOUT A GOD AND HIS ONE PEOPLE and the outside nations that want to be ingrafted in to THAT PEOPLE. It's just the renewing of the covenant that he made with these same people. read Jeramiah 31:31-33, then read Hebrews 8:8-10