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Topic subject1. i'm a woman
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31213, 1. i'm a woman
Posted by LexM, Mon Aug-15-05 04:10 PM
2. i'm not christian
3. the whole "washed in the blood" thing freaks me out, too. but that's another discussion.

i don't get the whole pick & choose/old testament vs. new testament deal, either. beyond the whole idea of jesus being the fulfillment of a prophecy and all that.

as far as the names of god...the bible is written in several different languages. i'm guessing they all had "names" or references to god in some sense.

are you saying that "ywh/yahweh" doesn't appear AT ALL in the new testament (not necessarily in jesus' words....what about paul's letters & all that)? i don't know enough to refute ur claim, but that seems a little far fetched.