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Topic subjectdepends on the translation
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31211, depends on the translation
Posted by LexM, Mon Aug-15-05 10:51 AM
in the bible i have (new jerusalem...it's catholic, so it has the "missing" books), they don't translate "yahweh saboeth" into "god almighty" or "almighty god" as most bibles do.

they say there's not enough info to really express what "yahweh saboeth" means, so they just leave it in.

there are a lot of hebrew names/attributes for god...the footnotes mention them. kind of like in the koran allah is referred to in many different ways.

i'm guessing that's what you meant by old testament vs. new? i still haven't figured out how all that works anyway...at least from a christian point of view.

but i suppose many of them just get lost in translation.

why does it matter to you what/by how many names god is called?

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