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Topic subjectRE: ...isn't it just the singular usage of the word 'God'?
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31203, RE: ...isn't it just the singular usage of the word 'God'?
Posted by BlakRenaissance, Mon Aug-15-05 10:10 AM
To give some clarity here...(I'm a live in living color Hebrew in the flesh/spirit) When he gave his name to Moshe (Moses) in Exodus he said I AM THAT I AM Exodus 3:14. Also you will note that he said in the next verse he said this is my NAME FOREVER. You translate that in the ancient Hebrew tounge (Not modern Hebrew or that Yiddish crap) it is YHWH. They did not have vowels back then only constant. Sound it out YH(YAH)WH(WAH).
He said before he gave his name to Moshe that his forefathers did not know his name the called him THE ALMIGHTY Exodus 6:3. that in the Hebrew is EL SHADDAI.