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Topic subjectWHOA! my fault.
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31166, WHOA! my fault.
Posted by Nic_Platonic, Fri Aug-19-05 10:38 AM
Yawah is the translation of "I AM"?
Ok, I was totally mistaken.
My fault.
It remains factual then that there is only one name that He is recorded as giving himself, and that all others were names assigned to Him by his people, but I thought that "Yaweh" was one of those assigned names, then read in "LK1" and "2Real's" exchange that "Yaweh" is the translation of "I AM".

Got it.

>>In the Hebrew scriptures it's Yaweh... so no that's not
>>but remember were talking Christians so that would only be
>>new testament...
>First, "Yaweh" is not what He names himself, but rather what
>he is "called" by His people.
>Second, Christians ENTIRELY AFFIRM the Old Testament as well
>(as without it, there would be no reason to believe the New
>Testament), so the second half of your statement is false as