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Topic subjectRE: Are u two bodybuilders?
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3124, RE: Are u two bodybuilders?
Posted by BrownMariposa, Wed Nov-12-03 07:39 AM
>I ask because you sure do be counting not only calories but
>fat grams and carbs as well.
I am so far from being a bodybuilder, although I truly admire their discipline. I just try to eat right, which translates for me into eating as clean as possible. Also, I have plans on being a kickboxing instructor when I relocate back to the NO--so I have to make sure I maintain/look the part.

>To answer the question: "Do men eat emotionally?"
>I can't answer for all men but sometimes I do.
Thanks for the response--Cheesecrumb cake, never had...I know come Mardi Gras season, I'm all about the King's Cake. Sigh.

>Cashews are good to me too but they're so rich and I can eat
>so many of them that I'll get sick.
You are so right--cashews are incredibly delicious but they can make you so sick--I throw cashews into my soups, my beans, for that healthy, fat kick.

>Oh RIBS (BBQ) I'll tear off into a slab in a minute! Side
>orders and all be finished.
See, I swear you men (sorry for the generalization!) y'all truly crave meat--I rarely crave meat, although sometimes I do get this strong urge for Ruth's Chris's lambchops...

>But I'm genectically inclined to be small so I take
>advantage of it. For that reason I can't gain weight
Consider yourself blessed. I thank God everyday for being able to walk, talk, and the like--but as we like to say at the gym, if you are female and have curves you are only 1 hamburger (white castle included!) away from being obese, case in point, beyonce, j. lo, janet jackson, toy johnson, kelis. So my only option keep it moving!