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Topic subjectAre u two bodybuilders?
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3123, Are u two bodybuilders?
Posted by deejboram, Wed Nov-12-03 12:58 AM
I ask because you sure do be counting not only calories but fat grams and carbs as well.
I just be tryna make sure I have all my vitamins and minerals needed per day!

To answer the question: "Do men eat emotionally?"
I can't answer for all men but sometimes I do.
Sometimes I get a craving for a Entemman's Cheese filled crumb cake. I'll cop one fo $3.50 after work and off it that same night. Sometimes I want a nice big steak. So I'll go to the grocer, cop one and do that like I do the Etemman's. Sometimes it's cheesesteaks, pumpkin bread, hell it's a lotta stuff.

As far as the kinds of nuts to eat:
I'd say eat what tastes good to you.
Brazil nuts I don't care for.
Pecans and Walnuts are great tasting to me but the price is so that I'm more inclined to eat sunflower seeds, spanish peanuts, and almonds.
Cashews are good to me too but they're so rich and I can eat so many of them that I'll get sick.

Oh RIBS (BBQ) I'll tear off into a slab in a minute! Side orders and all be finished.

But I'm genectically inclined to be small so I take advantage of it. For that reason I can't gain weight easily. My momma used to kid me and said I had a tapeworm. But as I got older and noticed that my dad and all his brothers (and his deceased dad) are/were all tall, skinny with lil potbellys that they aquired after about age 40-45.

So I guess we all got tapeworms right?