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3122, RE: this is the classic example of everybody's method i
Posted by BrownMariposa, Tue Nov-11-03 08:18 PM
>yeah, i wasn't arguing. just saying i prefer the fruits, but
>i'm working on it.
Exactly! Enough said.

>i want to add nuts to my diet, too, but they're pretty
>calorie dense, too. which ones do you prefer? and how much
>do you consider a serving? one handfull of peanuts can be a
>couple hundred calories. i'm already eating close to 3500
>calories/day to keep my protien intake up (180-200
>grams/day), and i'm not sure where to fit these in without
>eating TOO much.

I can empathize, nuts quickly add up in calories. What I have been doing is limiting myself to mainly the good fats, in order to satisfy the 30percent of fat suggested by the Zone, I will have 2 tablespoons of advocado, or 15 cashews, or 30 pstachios, or 2 macadamia nuts, in addition to my meal to meet this requirement. Somehow, I feel guilty as if I am cheating because as you pointed out nuts quickly add up regarding your caloric intake. I just try to change my perception, meaning concentrate on making sure the lean protein is there and the simple processed carbs as well. The amount of protein that you are consuming is impressive, that is only the true way to keep muscle mass. I have been adding protein powder to my breakfast yogurts and lunch soups--however, I have to be careful because there are a good number of powders with significant amount of calories. sigh.

>same problem. although sometimes having to hold it in keeps
>me awake through some really tedious meetings and
Hmm...good strategy...Especially when the meeting is a bore, and you've heard it "all" before.

>i don't but i'm sure some do. my problem is going home to
>visit the folks. there's too much temptation. plus they all
>think i'm weird because i don't want to sit down and eat
>whole pizza anymore.
Thanks for answering, I was just throwing that out there. I have always admired how the majority of men that I know have no cravings for sweets just red meat! And yes, I am dreading the holidays because my mama will claim she is making a healthy meal for me, but in reality will have added X tablespoons of butter and vanilla extract and brown sugar to give it some extra flavor!