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3121, RE: this is the classic example of everybody's method i
Posted by cynic16, Tue Nov-11-03 06:21 PM
>>above they are feuding over which is better for you more
>>veggies or more fruits.
>Honestly, I didn't even know we were arguing over which is
>better regarding the issue of fruits and veggies. I make a
>huge attempt to eat more veggies than fruits, simply for the
>following reasoning--although it is natural sugar fruits
>generally contain more sugar than veggies. And I am really
>working hard at getting my body fat percentage down so I
>watch my fruit intake. However, I do use fruit, e.g.,
>grapes, watermelon chunks as my "cheat items." Bottom line,
>eating fruit is a heck of lot better than Ben & Jerry's so
>if you find fruit better than veggies, knock yourself out!

yeah, i wasn't arguing. just saying i prefer the fruits, but i'm working on it.

>>I think you need a balance and should do no more than 60/40
>>of either.
>ITA w/ this statement--balance always strive for that golden
>mean, not only in nutrition but in life as well.
>>I say water is good.
>>7+ hours of sleep is good.
>>45 min exercise is good.
>>4 servings whole grains is good.
>>2 servings nuts is good.
>Again, I am in total agreement w/ this--this plan sounds
>like an overall winner for life. For the most part, whole
>grains are absent from my current diet, but I am in the
>cutting phase right now...so no cheats!

i want to add nuts to my diet, too, but they're pretty calorie dense, too. which ones do you prefer? and how much do you consider a serving? one handfull of peanuts can be a couple hundred calories. i'm already eating close to 3500 calories/day to keep my protien intake up (180-200 grams/day), and i'm not sure where to fit these in without eating TOO much.
>>That can be tedious with my many meetings throughout the
>When I attend conferences or expect multiple meetings,
>throughout the day, I try to either get the majority of my
>water in the early morning, a little in the afternoon, and
>finish it up at night. But yes, I hate having to literally
>get up & go, ten thousand times during a meeting--in my
>eyes, it makes me look weak!

same problem. although sometimes having to hold it in keeps me awake through some really tedious meetings and presentations.

>And another thing, keeping a journal/log is truly helpful in
>seeing your caloric pitfalls and emotional eating levels. Do
>men emotionally eat? Curious.

i don't but i'm sure some do. my problem is going home to visit the folks. there's too much temptation. plus they all think i'm weird because i don't want to sit down and eat whole pizza anymore.