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Topic subjectthis is the classic example of everybody's method is be
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3119, this is the classic example of everybody's method is be
Posted by deejboram, Tue Nov-11-03 10:23 AM
above they are feuding over which is better for you more veggies or more fruits.

I think you need a balance and should do no more than 60/40 of either.
My PCP says she likes ot see folks with at least 10 per day (of any combo).

I say water is good.
7+ hours of sleep is good.
45 min exercise is good.
4 servings whole grains is good.
2 servings nuts is good.

These are per day things.
I can do (am doing have done it) all besides the water.
That can be tedious with my many meetings throughout the day.
Mainly because I gotta piss so damn much and a 1 gal a day water piss you can't hold!

Soda (Pop/coke/pepsi) is bad.
Baking Soda takes the grime off your copper pots but folks use that to brush their teeth, as an underarm deodorant and to was fruits/veggies. So that analogy wasn't the best.

Something else that's good to have in your diet is tea/herbs.
They are a great source of anti-oxidants and do something (even if placebo) for me when I drink them.

Hot ass tea with cayenne pepper be having me going.

No Krispy Kreme = No weight. For me it's as simple as that.

But I'm tryna gain weight so I gotta find a neat lil strategy besides eatin 2 cheesesteaks and fries a day.

and I don't know if having a forman grill will make you lose weight but i know it'll make his pockets gain weight!